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Dr. Jason Sweetface Applecheek is the quaternary antagonist in Tom and Jerry: The Movie. He has two henchmen, who are straycatchers that catch animals and bring them to their boss. The late Henry Gibson did his voice.


Tom and Jerry: The Movie

At first glance, Dr. Jason Sweetface Applecheek is a sweet, dignified, reasonable, protective, affectionate, patient, positive, loyal, even-tempered, caring, humble, empathetic, extroverted, kind-hearted and selfless pet owner who keeps animals in his house but turns out to be an evil, dramatic, relentless, pushy, arrogant, pompous, prissy, loquacious, emotional, clever, harsh, egotistical, eager, kinky and sneaky doctor who keeps animals in prison (Even if he has to kidnap them) in his secret cells and sells them for ransom to rich people. Figg had paid him to euthanize Tom and Jerry.

Jerry activates all the switches to free Tom, Puggsy, Frankie DaFlea, and all the animals from their cells while all the other animals escape from the clutches of Dr. Applecheek. He then blames this incident on Aunt Figg who denies it at first but is willing to take the blame after Kiddie informs her that he found Robyn.

As Aunt Figg leaves to answer the phone call, Dr. Applecheek eavesdrops on the phone conversation and as soon as Aunt Figg excitedly shouts the name of the place where her $1,000,000 reward has been found out load (Capt. Kiddie's carnival), he runs off to find Robyn before Aunt Figg can. However, he is dropped off by his own henchmen when he refuses to split the reward with them and is almost run over by Lickboot. Then, Dr. Applecheek spots an unguarded ice cream vehicle and steals it in order to continue the chase. He arrives at Capt. Kiddie's carnival, only to find that he is too late as all the other villains are hot on Robyn's tail. When his two henchmen ask him to help them off of Kiddie's Ferris wheel, he simply leaves them trapped as payback for kicking him off of their van. Dr. Applecheek then crashes into the river onto Kiddie and Squawk due to the bridge been destroyed by Ferdinand and was never seen again. It is presumed that he was arrested by Robyn's father, Daddy Starling, for his involvement in the one million dollar bounty reward on Robyn, and returned the ice cream vehicle back to its owner.


  • In spite of the film's lack of success, Dr. Applecheek somehow became a popular internet meme in which he appears in a series of videos featuring Mario and Luigi called "Beware That Doctor...".