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Dr. Professor is a minor character from Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry. He never actually made it to the race proper. During the preliminary interviews, he was abruptly and unceremoniously killed due to Biff Buzzard's stupidity.


Dr. Professor is a super-resourceful genius, as what he said implies.


Dr. Professor began the film with a promising start. His vehicle was quite powerful in comparison to his contemporaries. However, during his interview with Biff Buzzard and Buzz Blister, he revealed the vehicle's power source to be antimatter. Antimatter is highly volatile and will explode when it comes into contact with normal matter. While Buzz backed off to a safe distance, Biff asked about a switch labeled "DO NOT TOUCH" in the vehicle's hood, and flipped it before even getting a response. Dr. Professor panicked and quickly attempted to flip it back, falling belly-first onto the antimatter, which vaporized him, his vehicle, and the tent he was being interviewed in.



  • He is the only contestant who was eliminated prior to the race itself.