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Dragon Down the Holidays is the fourteenth episode in the second season of The Tom and Jerry Show.


It's not easy transporting a baby dragon, even one as cute as this.


At Christmas, Tom gave it to Jerry a ball and Jerry gave him a holiday troll, but Tom gave him a trap. Tom wanted to take the ball off but the ball burst and Jerry was furious and Tom ran away. Jerry landed the doll and some Tom witches wanted a dragon, and Tom and Jerry fascinated into the woods in the dark. Jerry ignited a fire and was not so scary. Tom and Jerry saw on the sign here a small dragon and they were walking slowly and the egg walking towards them heard Tom and Jerry sound the egg, and spent the egg was a cute little tenen Tom was treating him gently Tom ignited the fire on Tom was Jerry laughing Tom Tom cage on Jerry.

. The little dragon was sad and Tom and Jerry were returning home, but the dragon removed the cage. He wanted to hit the dragon. He hit himself. The dragon landed on the ground.

. Tom was angry, Jerry and the dragon were happy, but the dragon set fire to Tom and stood up and the rope went up to the sky, walking away on the ground, and hurting on the tree.

. Tom and Jerry were cold and El Nini fire strong Imagine Tom Sloll in order not to freeze Tom Della obeyed Jerry biting the dragon of the tree and set fire to Tom and Jerry were happy with the success of young dragons.

They returned to the house were happy witches said witch Senchweh Tom and Jerry were very afraid, so Jerry fire the fire ignited dragon fire 4 times the dragon was walking happily and they were witches love dragon had a witch dragon and set fire dragon,

"Bring the dragon back to the cave," she said. Episode ends.






  • Cartoon Network Arabic and Boomerang Mena banned this episode because of Christmas or no reason, but Cartoon Network Morocco showed this episode.