Droopy is an anthropomorphic white basset hound created by Tex Avery during his time at the MGM cartoon studio. He made his debut in the 1943 cartoon short Dumb-Hounded. Since then he has been featured in numerous Tom and Jerry projects including the Tom and Jerry Kids, in which he has a best friend named Slick Wolf and a son called Dripple. Sometimes, Tom and Jerry's Spike and Tyke were even Droopy's nemeses at times.

William Hanna and Joseph Barbera served as the producers of seven theatrical Droopy cartoons following Fred Quimby's retirement from the MGM cartoon studio in 1955.



Although he is much lazy, sleeping and odd-looking alike due to his slow activities, he is, in fact, the smartest among all characters from Tom and Jerry. His brilliance is often demonstrated by how he always walks ahead his opponents one step, and his well-awareness of others' issues. His intelligence helps him to solve many problems and to chase down his rivals. He is also extremely full of luck, except when it comes to Tom and Jerry sometimes.



In spite of his intelligence and his full of luck, his weakness happens to be Tom and Jerry. While he is often able to recognize Tom and Jerry's dubious activities, he often ends up missing the chance to do something due to the lack of cooperation from Butch.


  • Butch Dog: he has a quite old relationship with him, but mostly it is tense. Droopy is extremely disliked by Butch for always outperforming Butch in the end, despite Butch's attempt to prevent Droopy from achieving. On the other hand, he and Butch are sometimes allies, mostly regarding Tom and Jerry's short movie series, though Butch doesn't collaborate well with Droopy.
  • Spike Bulldog: Spike appears in the 1980s Tom and Jerry Comedy Show with Droopy and, like Butch, Spike has a strong dislike on Droopy. Droopy is seen to be annoying, and sometimes problematic due to his ability to do everything while Spike isn't capable to achieve the same. Spike has tried to eliminate or harm Droopy several times, but it doesn't come out well for Spike.
  • Slick Wolf: Droopy's relationship with Slick Wolf/McWolf is the most interesting and frequently mentioned on the list. Slick Wolf and Droopy have some resemblance to Tom and Jerry - Slick Wolf is often depicted to be a brilliant wolf, a strong rival to Droopy and, like Butch and Spike, often tries to kill/harm/hurt Droopy, but usually Droopy outplays Slick Wolf in the end. Slick Wolf sometimes befriends and works with Droopy.
  • Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse: Droopy has a cool relationship with the Duo, and, surprisingly, Droopy despite his intelligence, often slower than Tom and Jerry for just one step. Tom Cat also develops jealousy toward Droopy, though Tom doesn't have a similar level of hostility Butch and Spike have.

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