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Droopy, Master Detective is an American animated television series produced by Hanna-Barbera in association with Turner Entertainment, and a spin-off of Tom & Jerry Kids. It debuted on FOX and ran for 13 episodes from September 11 to December 3, 1993, in 1994, it was dropped from FOX's Saturday morning schedule on January 1, and returned on weekday afternoons in August and September.


Droopy, Master Detective is a spoof of detective films and cop shows, featuring Droopy and his son, Dripple, as detectives on the mean streets of a big city. Newly made seven-minute episodes were mixed in with new seven-minute cartoons featuring the Tom and Jerry Kids characters. The rest of the half-hour program mostly was taken up by Screwball Squirrel, another Tex Avery creation from the 1940s.

In these new cartoons, Screwy made his home in a public park, making life miserable for hot-headed park attendant Dweeble and his dog Rumpley — both, rather typical Hanna-Barbera comedy foes rather than Tex Avery-inspired characters. It also included two more characters from the previous show: Wild Mouse and Lightning Bolt the Super Squirrel.


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