"Droopy of the Opera" is the twentieth episode of Tom & Jerry Kids.





McWolf seeks revenge when the great tenor Droopy replaces him in "Droopy Of The Opera."


At the L'Opera Paris, the sign reads "Tonight! The World's Greatest Tenor: The Great Drooperotti!". In the streets, Pepperoni McWolf (McWolf), the Tenor who lost fame because he got a frog caught in his throat, plans to sabotage Drooperotti's (Droopy) performance. On stage, Drooperotti is performing on stage while his son watches. High above, Pepperoni McWolf unscrews the chandelier, causing it to drop. But the chandelier stops and Pepperoni attempts to cut the rope, but he got electrocuted. He falls on the chandelier and through the floor as Drooperotti leaves. Later, Drooperotti plays away at the piano. Down below, Pepperoni McWolf uses a saw to cut open the floor, but falls down and the piano collapses on him. Later, Miss Vavoom performs and kisses Drooperotti. In the balcony, Pepperoni McWolf sees Miss Vavoom and takes her. Drooperotti and Dripple grab Miss Vavoom but McWolf grabs her again. McWolf then traps Drooperotti and Dripple in a tuba and kidnaps Miss Vavoom into his lair. McWolf asks Miss Vavoom to be her wife, but Miss Vavoom protests. As McWolf shows her a flat screen TV, he sees Drooperotti and Dripple inside, ties them up, and puts them in chests. A chase throughout the sewers ensues until McWolf finally gives up. Drooperotti states that he'll let McWolf sing if he stops pestering Miss Vavoom. Back on stage, McWolf was about to sing until Miss Vavoom swings by and says that she changes her mind. She even says that she wants a room for her mother, much to McWolf's misery.


  • The title "Droopy of the Opera" is a parody of "Phantom of the Opera". This episode was also a reference because McWolf wears the same mask Erik wore.
  • This episode uses a remix of "Russian Dance (Trepak)" specifically when McWolf ties up the heroes and make them sink.
  • This episode like Tom and Jerry short The Cat Above and The Mouse Below
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