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Dry Gulp is a western town location seen as the main setting in Tom and Jerry cartoon Tall in the Trap.


Dry Gulp is a Stereotypical American West Coast town from the American frontier, with a population in about 7 consisting on Sheriff Mutt Dillin, Gene the storeowner, and the Cheese Rustlin Jerry and Tom awhile the other 3 persons are not shown, It's also a one horse town as their only one horse seen near Six Gun Saloon. The fictional town might be located in Arizona.

The town's sheriff is Sheriff Mutt Dillin, he is unable to catch the bandit mouse himself, when the furious shopkeeper demands action, the Town Sheriff hires the "Fastest Trap in the West" which is Tom, but it backfires at the end when Tom is unable to defuse a explosive, which destroys the Local Police Office.

The town's Saloons consist of Sheriff Mutt Dillin's Office (Police), Riger Mortis Saloon (Gamble), Six Gun Saloon (Gun Shop), Band-Aid Saloon (Hospital), and the Dry Gulp's General Store (Grocery).