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Editorial Novaro was a Mexican publishing company. They published comic books, mainly reprints of US issues, in Spanish around the world from 1949 through 1985.

Colibrí / Aguila / Avestruz

Editorial Novaro books were published in up to four different sizes: standard (255 x 175 mm), Serie Avestruz "Ostrich series" (250 x 160 mm), Serie Aguila "Eagle series" (195 x 135 mm), and Serie Colibrí "Hummingbird series" (140 x 110 mm). Every title can have any combination of the sizes (only one, two, three, or all four). The non-standard sizes always have it noted on the cover; usually the price logo will state which series size the book is, and either with the price or near the title/logo there will be an Ostrich, Eagle, or Hummingbird, respectively.


The Tom Y Jerry comic went from issue #1 to #896. The Serie Aguila comics took over the numbering at issue 413. Then after the Aguila series, the numbering reverted back to the regular series. Somewhere between issues 828 and 839.

Most of the Serie Aguila comics feature 2- numbering. Except the first few issues, and for some reason issue #700.

The Serie Colibrí comics started numbering over from #1. Most of the comics feature 1- numbering.

The Serie Avestruz comics go from 1-199 (probably) and feature 3- numbering.

The End

After the demise of Editorial Novaro, comics publisher Editorial Vid took over many of the licenses that Novaro held, including the MGM Cartoons/Tom & Jerry license.