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The Explosive White Mouse is a white mouse that appear in Tom and Jerry cartoon The Missing Mouse. He escaped from a lab after drinking enough of an explosive to destroy a city. The radio warns people about the explosive white mouse, giving Jerry, noe covered in white shoe polish, the idea to pose as him for revene on Tom. He is first seen onscreen peeking in the mail slot when Jerry gets kicked out of house by Tom after getting caught. He is next seen in Tom's house smashing nuts with a hammer, alerting Tom, who sees him and thinks he's Jerry covered in shoe polish again. He tries to wash away the polish, even scrubbing him in the Goldfish's bowl, but fails when he realizes that it's the real white mouse when Jerry whistles in the window. Tom gets so scared that he rapidly turns old and lets him go, but when the radio claims that the explosive mouse is no longer a threat, Tom reverts to normal and decides to kick the explosive white mouse out the door. However, as the mouse instead detonates, the entire city is leveled.


An escaped lab mouse that drank an experimental "explosive", the mouse was seen at the near end of the cartoon, while throughout the cartoon Jerry poses as him with the aid of white shoe polish.


The Explosive White Mouse is white and otherwise identical to Jerry, except he has blue eyes.


The Explosive White Mouse seems to be a bit more timid than Jerry, since he doesn't take any action against Tom whatsoever.


  • The Explosive White Mouse can explode on the slightest contact.


Original Shorts


  • The mouse' explosive power appears to be unrealistic. While a small amount of certain elements can cause an atomic detonation, they are of significantly larger dimensions.