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"Farewell, Sweet Mouse" is the first episode of The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show written by Jack Hanrahan and Steve Clark. It was originally broadcasted on September 6, 1980.




  • Trick-or-Treaters


Tom and Jerry are trying to sleep awhile the raindrops drop on them.


Episode starts: It's a stormy night in the music room. Tom looks at the window and as he falls asleep, he decides to move to another spot after feeling a rain drop. He moves to his bed to sleep.

in top of the bookshelf, Jerry feels a rain drop and use a flying disc to cover himself from the rain and one of the raindrops fell to Tom he climbed up a ladder and throw the disc into a room and came back to Tom hitting him to the floor as Jerry laughs a rain drop fall in his head again he uses a xylophone Tom hears the instrument and comes up a with ladder and grabs the xylophone as he came down the ladder and slip on the water drops on the ladder and gets in his face as the rain drops drop down. Rain drops fall Jerry watches and another one falls him, and Jerry decided to get a bucket for the leak awhile Tom hides in a drum to sleep. Tom snores loud and Jerry comes down to blow trumpets at Tom springing him out of the drum set, the trumpet landed on Tom's mouth and Jerry blows on it, he climbs the string, Tom pulls on it and the bucket landed on his head. Tom grabbed some long sticks to get Jerry up the bookshelf, stick gets tangled in the ladder when Tom gets Jerry cornered., Tom gets flown into a jackinabox and lunched backed on the shelf chased Jerry to a plane as Jerry fly though Tom, as he follows he falls into a bucket of water, Jerry flys to his mousehole. Tom gets a ball and blocks the hole with a mallet, and flood Jerry hole with a water hose from outside. Jerry blows a balloon boat, water made a hole in the wall, Tom runs to a door for the water to go out, Jerry gets swept away into the town the balloons pop and now Jerry was drowning, Tom follows the water trail and sees Jerry went to a sewer hole. Tom thinks Jerry was swept away in the sewer as Jerry looks. Tom goes back to bed. Thunder starts to strike he looks at him and Jerry as he thinks Jerry is an angel, Jerry gets back, Tom prays and looks at a clock that looks like an angry Jerry face, he hears balls dropping. Jerry disguises as a ghost to scare Tom. The flashes from the lighting gets to him thinking there a ghost that scared Tom away into a room that and hears a radio and turns it off and Tom hears the piano and he jumps to the keys then closed in Tom's hands making him run to the window to get some rain and comes back when Jerry jumps around inside Tom jumps into the piano as Jerry gets away. He makes the balloon glow with instruments being carried, The balloons float around and Jerry gets instruments to get Tom into thinking that the instruments are playing themselves as the thunder flashes he sees Jerry through the curtains and notice that the floating instruments were attached to balloons. Jerry looks at curtains runs form Tom, Tom chase Jerry around the room and then Tom catches Jerry in the rug, trick-or-treaters come to the door and scared both of them Into the rug and then they realized there were trick-or-treaters and Jerry raspberry at Tom and they chase each other under the rug.


  • Lou Scheimer - Tom, Jerry, Trick-or-Treaters
  • Erica Scheimer - Trick-or-Treater



  • Tom's cheeks disappear for a second. After he walks away awhile in the rain.
  • When Tom is sleeping in the rug and in the next scene, Tom shrinks a bit.