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"Feeding Time" is the second episode of Tom and Jerry Tales, originally airing as part of the series premiere on September 23rd, 2006. It is directed by Neal Sternecky, written by Eric Donald and Jim Gomez and storyboard by Dave Bennett.


After being warned by Spike to not feed any of the zoo animals, Tom takes his job seriously to make sure that doesn't happen which is complicated by Jerry attempting to feed the animals by hand.





Tom is working at a zoo run by Spike, who catches him napping on the job. He tells Tom not to feed the zoo animals or else his badge will be taken away.

Upon hearing the conversation, Jerry then starts to frame Tom for feeding them so he will get into trouble, and the cat is trying desperately to stop the little mouse from trying to cost him his job.

In one scene, Tom is waxing a turtle's shell who likes it. While he puts his cloth in his container for more wax he notes Jerry is at the kangaroo exhibit, He sees Jerry is giving a baby kangaroo pink cotton candy. He panics runs over to the exhibit and rips the cotton candy out of the baby's paw causing it to cry. Angry at Tom for this, the mom kangaroo kicks Tom and this causes him to fly into the turtle making Tom look like a clown with the cotton candy being the buttons and hair and the cone being his hat. The cotton candy also splattered on the turtle's shell forcing Tom to star over.

In the end, the lion ate Tom, and Spike finds him by opening up the lion's mouth and once again gives Tom his last warning "No feeding the animals!", much to Jerry's delight and Tom's disappointment.


  • This is the second Tom and Jerry Tales to take place in a zoo.
  • This is Spike's first appearance in the show.
  • This is often the most negative reviewed episode of all time, fans criticized being too offensive of how Jerry antagonized Tom by getting punished by his boss Spike considered as animal cruelty.



  • Spike: And I feed them this special stuff, whether they like it or not.
  • Spike: Don't feed the animals!