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Feline Fatale is the sixth episode of The Tom and Jerry Show (2014) and the sixth episode of the first season.


Tom and Jerry protect Toodles from a threat.


In Tolucaville, Tom and Jerry operate as "The Cat and Mouse Detectives" after Tom's owner, the Detective, leaves. After a brief fight, they are visited by Toodles Galore who begs them to protect her at her mansion by the lake. She reveals that she has inherited a can of sardines with cheese and that thieves will come after her fortune in which Tom and Jerry accept to help. After they arrive, they hear Toodles calling for help. They are attacked by a shadowy figure which causes Tom to chase him through the armory before the thief escapes upstairs. The detectives try the library and then the playroom where they are once again attacked by the thief but manage to escape. After hearing Toodles again, they confront the thief but are forced to flee when the thief uses an axe to chase them through the dining room to the kitchen. There they see out the window three-thousand cans being guarded by Spike. The thief attacks them but the detectives use the laundry chute to defeat him and unmask him as: Butch. Before deciding to turn him over to justice, Tom and Jerry chase and beat up Butch through the mansion. Butch begs that he was trying to save Toodles until Spike arrives demanding an explanation. Butch explains that Toodles said that two thieves were going to steal her fortune and that he thought Tom and Jerry were them. They then hear the cans being taken, discover a note in the empty box and much to their shock, the note is from Toodles thanking them for helping her pull the heist. The detectives, Butch and Spike realize that Toodles pretended to be the heiress of the mansion and got the detectives and Butch fighting to distract Spike while she escaped with the fortune. They then learn to never trust anyone like her again but Tom is beaten up for still liking Toodles.


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  • This episode shares its title with an episode of "Krypto The Superdog".