Female Cat (Blue Cat Blues)

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Gal Cat (also known as the Female Cat) is a character from the Tom and Jerry theatrical short "Blue Cat Blues".


She has white fur, green eyes, a collar over her neck, and a ribbon in her tail, Her appearance is similar to Toodles Galore, and her head is shaped and similar to Yvonne Jockalong.


She only seems to fall in love with Butch more than Tom, Butch gives her all the better rings and diamonds and he also had a red long car when she hopped on it and by the way, the female cat was just married to Butch Cat. She is seen as a gold-digger as Butch gives her expensive presents.


Not much about her personality but she is a gold-digger type and spoiled would rather fall in love with someone who is rich like Butch. She gives her and Tom light block shields from getting blind from the very shiny ring Butch bought her which she does care for Tom from getting blinded by the ring.


  • Her white fur looks like Toodles Galore.
  • Her tail can be seen unlike some female cats in the classic era.
  • She is refer as "Gal" in her model sheet.
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