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Ferdie Furball is a minor character appearing in Tom & Jerry Kids episode Catch That Mouse.


He is a returning contestant in "Catch That Mouse" from Fresno, California came back for his the fourth and last attempt on catching Jerry, he lost cause of the obstacles and traps in the game show.


Ferdie is typically klutzy and often goofs off, and also trips on his tongue before he speaks any word. His running pace is notably very fast, but trailing behind Jerry, due to his height and weight mass.

Physical Appearance

Ferdie is depicted as a tall and slender anthropomorphic cat with brown fur and a tan-colored muzzle and hands. His feet are brown like his primary fur. He has a long thin tail with a round end. His head is contour-styled. His eyes are white with black irises. He has a pair of buck teeth that are separate from each other. Ferdie's apparel consists of blue overalls that have suspenders crossed in the rear and fastened at his chest by golden snaps. He also wears a cream-colored contoured fedora with a black band.


  • The shape of Ferdie's head is likely modeled after Top Cat from his own cartoon series. However, unlike Top Cat, his ears are covered under the hat and don't cut through.