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The trainees of Sergeant Boffo's Ferocious Feline Mouse-Bashing School

The Ferocious Feline Mouse-Bashing School Trainees are an unnamed trio of tough-looking martial arts black belt trainees who learn from their trainer, Sergeant Boffo at Sgt. Boffo's Ferocious Feline Mouse Bashing School, who all appear in I Dream of Cheezy from the Tom and Jerry Kids Show.

Appearances and Personalities

The three trainees wear white keikogi and black belts around their keikogi tops. One of them is very tall and rotund, has dark brown fur, a humanoid snout, humanoid hands and feet, and wears a blue hachimaki, and usually shows his stomach while wearing the keikogi, and wears the black belt like a sash for a woman's dress. Another is very slender and has tan fur, a white snout, and white hands, and wears a red hachimaki. And the last of the three is slender like the tan one, and has orange fur, a narrower head, and wears a yellow hachimaki. They all have buck teeth, unlike most cats. The newcomer is Tom who is a white belt who was invited for training. The three black belts appear to be better than Tom at first, but don't successfully destroy the robotic mouse dummy that is used to represent a mouse for their enemy; which Tom was always taking over in order to finish it off, but getting injured. They eventually lost the crown to white belt trainee Tom, who successfully destroyed the robotic mouse dummy after getting a lot of martial arts practice.