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Not to be confused with Fraidy Cat or the Tom & Jerry Kids episode?

Fraidycat Scat" is the eleventh episode of Tom and Jerry Tales. It is directed by Tim Maltby, written by Charles Schneider and storyboard by Jennifer Coyle.



Jerry lives in a dusty haunted mansion in this episode. Tom moves in and cleans everything up, not noticing Jerry lives in his new estate as well. Tom turns his TV on and switches the channel to one that has a flaming skull currently on-screen. Jerry turns his head and finds a skull that looks remarkably like it, so he decides to scare Tom out of his house. Tom, who is still scared, sees the skull and goes behind the couch and turns off the TV, he sits down on a couch and then reads something, until he sees a skull which bit his tail, and Tom runs upstairs to the dining room and grabs on to a chanelier and slips off which causes the chanelier and Tom is seen in a turkey with a tomato in his mouth, the skull then falls on something which catapults all cutting tools at the wall, a fork catches Tom's tail and pins it at the wall, Tom rolls up to evade a knife to stab his face and the camera zooms out, to reveal knives forming a skull shape, the skull then bites on Tom's nose and he runs but slows down until a fork comes off the wall, being by scared by this, Tom slams a door several times on a skull to get it off, this doesn't work and then uses a book to slam it into his face, successfully get the skull off and knocking him out, a clothing and moose antlers falls off which the antlers impaled the skull, scaring Tom even further and is beside the wall but right before you know it, a nail pulls the clothing and it reveals Jerry was in the skull the whole time. Eventually, they both get scared by a headless ghost-like figure living in the mansion and runs out the mansion, ending the episode.




  • The plot synopsis is similar to the short Fraidy Cat in which Jerry tries to scare Tom by pretending to be a ghost, Tom eventually finds out about the trick much later and both lose in the end due to the intro of another character (Mammy Two-Shoes, and the ghost-like figure respectively).
  • The Female Cat from Blue Cat Blues makes a cameo in the front cover of the magazine that Tom reads in.

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese オバケ屋敷のすごしかた How to make a haunted house
German Der Lampengeist The lamp spirit
French Un dimanche tranquille A quiet sunday
Italian Due fantasmi per Tom Two ghosts for Tom
Portuguese A Faxina The cleaning




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