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Frankie Twoface is a recurring character in The Tom and Jerry Show (2014). He is a fat rat who first appears in Dirty Rat. He is voiced by Stephen Stanton. He is Butch's enemy/rival and sometimes friend.


Frankie lives around the alleys. He is Butch's rival/enemy there rivalry is similar to Tom and Jerry's, he does become friends with Butch in the The Not So Ugly Duckling.


Frankie is fat gray rat who has pink feet and paws.


Frankie is a greedy, selfish, gluttonous rat who likes a lot of food. Frankie is also very manipulative, meaning he is very good at tricking others into believing what he says. Even Spike is quick to believe Frankie’s lies. However, Frankie can also be cowardly, especially whenever his true intentions are found out.


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  • Top of the Heap


  • The credits for most of the episodes he appears in label him as "Frankie Twoface." However, this surname wasn't mentioned or acknowledged in any of his appearances.
    • Although, his surname could be a likely reference to the DC Comics supervillain of the same name.