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Franke DaFlea is a character from Tom and Jerry: The Movie. He is a flea who is best friends with Puggsy. He is voiced by David L. Lander.


Tom and Jerry: The Movie

Frankie DaFlea was first seen in the alley with Puggsy meeting Tom and Jerry who both were abandoned by their owner and their house has been banned and destroyed by an old fashioned wrecking ball. He and Puggsy introduce to Tom and Jerry and sing Friends to the End. After singing Puggsy decides to give Tom and Jerry something to eat. But he and Frankie are captured by the Straycatchers.

Frankie was again seen in Dr. Applecheek's house in the basement trapped in a cage with Puggsy. They are reunited with Tom and Jerry who also been sent to Dr. Applecheek by Aunt Figg. They explain to them that they meet Robyn Starling and found out that her father is still alive who taught to have been killed in an avalanche. Puggsy asked them what are they talking about. Jerry informed them that Figg caught them before they could inform Robyn of her father's survival and need to get out and inform her. Puggsy tells them that they need someone to get to the control panel and press all of the buttons. Jerry was able to get out of the cage and frees Tom, Puggsy, Frankie and all of the captive dogs. They all escaped from Dr. Applecheek.

Frankie was not seen afterwards until he and Puggsy were last seen in the train reading a newspaper showing Tom and Jerry saved Robyn after her cabin was been accidentally destroyed by Figg, Lickboot and Ferdinand who are then arrested by Robyn's father for their crimes and planting a million-dollar bounty reward on his daughter. He and Puggsy are impressed that Tom and Jerry are getting along. However unknown to them they forget about it and continue their antics as soon as Robyn and her father are out of of sight presumably to go back to Robyn's Nest to rebuild the cabin which was been accidentally destroyed by Figg and Lickboot.


  • The part "Da" in his name means "the".
  • During the spanish american war, Frankie DaFlea had a heart attack and died.
  • Frankie DaFlea hates black people