George and Joan are an average middle-class couple who served as the owners of Tom and Spike for some of the Tom and Jerry cartoons. George appeared in four of the cartoons while Joan appeared in eight. The two also served as the owners of Butch and Tyke in the Spike and Tyke cartoon Scat Cats. George and Joan first appeared in the 1954 cartoon, Pet Peeve.

Joan is more of a cat person and prefers Tom while George is more of a dog person and prefers Spike.

Joan's often seen either cooking in the kitchen or knitting while sitting in her armchair with Tom keeping her company. George, who's usually seen wearing a suit, hates the monthly bills and complains that they're too expensive, but when he's not complaining about the bills, he's usually sitting in his own armchair or on the sofa reading the newspaper with Spike keeping him company.



George has black/brown hair and wears glasses. Joan has black hair.


Both George and Joan are very kind and polite and seem to love each other very much. In Pet Peeve, George and Joan decided that they keep Jerry as a pet because he's easy to look after and doesn't eat too much and tells Tom and Spike to leave. However, in later episodes with George and Joan, Tom and Spike still happily live with them and Jerry isn't known by the couple and he isn't a pet anymore.


Tom and Jerry cartoons
No. Title Released Notes
88 Pet Peeve November 20, 1954 Faces not seen
92 Mouse for Sale May 21, 1955 Joan only
98 The Flying Sorceress January 27, 1956 Joan only
100 Busy Buddies May 4, 1956 Only Joan has dialogue
108 Mucho Mouse September 6, 1957 Joan only
109 Tom's Photo Finish November 1, 1957
112 The Vanishing Duck May 2, 1958
114 Tot Watchers August 1, 1958 Joan only
Spike and Tyke cartoons
  • Scat Cats (They both appear, but only George has dialogue)

Voice Actors of George and Joan


  • In some shorts, Joan appears without George, such as Mouse for Sale, The Flying Sorceress, Mucho Mouse and Tot Watchers. It could be presumed that George would be working at his office during the settings of these cartoons.
  • George and Joan also appeared in three other Tom & Jerry shorts, Tom's Photo Finish, Busy Buddies and The Vanishing Duck (Quacker's last short) and one Spike and Tyke short, Scat Cats. *While both George and Joan do not appear in the recent reboot series The Tom and Jerry Show, the new characters Rick and Ginger are very similar to them in the sense that both Rick and Ginger are an average middle-class white couple, and Rick like George is a dog person who prefers Spike while Ginger like Joan is a cat person who prefers Tom. Unlike George and Joan, Rick and Ginger's heads and faces are never visible.


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