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Ginger is a major character in the Cartoon Network/Teletoon series The Tom and Jerry Show (2014). She is Tom's owner, the daughter of Rosemary and the wife of Rick.



Ginger is taller and slimmer than her husband. She is mostly seen in a white shirt, pink long pants and peacock-colored shoes. Like her husband Rick, her face is never seen (except for in the later seasons).


Ginger seems to be quite gentle and kindhearted. Despite having to deal with the consequences of Tom's (and Jerry's) antics at times, she seems to care and appreciate him a lot; unlike her husband, who is less merciful and sees Tom more as a nuisance. She also is shown to unconditionally love her husband Rick multiple times as evidenced in several episodes where she states her love for him despite certain aspects of his appearance.


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  • It is revealed that she named Tom after her father who was a hunter.