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Give and Tyke is the first of 2 Spike and Tyke cartoons in a spin-off for Tom and Jerry. The title is a pun on "Give and Take".




  • Dogcatcher (the main antagonist)
  • Unnamed Dog (the reformed secondary antagonist)


A hungry dog (whose voice resembles Art Carney's portrayal of Ed Norton from The Honeymooners) is humming the theme song of Tom and Jerry. He stops and gets a bone and a newspaper from the trash can. He then sits and he uses his newspaper as his napkin. He then reads it and was horrified. The newspaper says: "LAST DAY FOR DOG LICENSES! DOGS WITHOUT TAGS TO BE LOCKED UP IN CITY POUND.". He sees the city pound truck is driving past through the street, but the driver sees him. Panicking, he disguises himself to be a lamp. He escapes from the pound and hides from a gate; he looks at the hole, where he sees a sleeping Spike with his license. He happily digs a hole in order to get inside, but looks around, he doesn't know that Spike is in his head. He crawls to Spike's dog house.

He tip-toes to Spike and tries to remove his license, but to no avail. Spike wakes up and the dog hides. Spike yawns and goes back to sleep. The dog frowned and sees Tyke, going to sleep. He took Tyke's license and wears it. He begins to walk away and sees Spike, who is angry.

The dog says Spike to be quiet since Tyke is sleeping. Yet, he shows Spike the news. Spike reads it and realizing what's going on, he is aware that he could lose his son to the dogcatcher if he doesn't have his license tag on, and chases the dog, who escapes. He sees Tyke, who is barking. The dogcatcher caught him, but, he lets Tyke to wear his own license and runs off. He gets his license back from the dog, but, the catcher pursues him. But, Tyke's license is taken by the dog. They are taking turns in attempt to get it. But, when the dog escapes, Spike hits him with some trash can cover and the dog grabs the stick and throws it and Spike catches it and realizes he's been tricked. The dog goes to the gate and Spike grabs him, the dog fools him again and orders Spike to roll himself to the manhole. Under, Spike grabs the dog and sees Tyke is now caught. Spike tells the dogcatcher that he will sacrifice for his son and is ready to enter the truck. The dog then cries about the drama and gives the license back and drives the truck and speeds away, causing the truck to lose its doors. The dogcatcher is chasing the truck as Spike and Tyke remain happy.