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God's Little Creatures is the theme song of Dr. Applecheek in Tom and Jerry: The Movie.


<Poem> Dr. Applecheek: God's Little Creatures, With sweet and furry features. Four-legged friends I would go to the ends of the earth to protect. My best friends are animals, Their best friend is me, and it pains me to see any signs of neglect.

God's Little Creatures, they have so much to teach us. Men like myself, put their lives on the shelves, to be kind to our pets. My whole life is animals, from morning to night. I pity their plight, but I have no regrets.

(Spoken) Here boys, take good care of them! (laughs)

(Singing) Yes, animals are business, A money making business. I kidnap, buy, and sell them! Call their owner's up and tell them.

(Included in soundtrack version only) I offer them for ransom, My terms are high and handsome. Ten times the price, The profit margin's nice. Their owners can afford it, They got money and they hoard it. The income from the outcome, It makes my fingers itch. No wonder I love animals, Ha! They make me very rich, rich, rich, rich, rich! (Sobs)

(Singing) God's Little Creatures, the barkers and the screechers, I just adore them each day more and more and they all have my thanks. My future is animals, it's not just a phase. And it also to pays, ask my friends at the bank.

(Spoken) Not only are my babies cute, they also make me lots of loot! (laughs)

Cause animals are business, A wet-nose selfy business! Which manufactures money, Like a beehive that has honey. I make outrageous noodles, From pekes, and poms, and poodles! Ten Grand a Day, Those rich old fools will pay. To find their precious poochies, With collars made at Gucci's. Devotion to dumb animals is no dumb gig. I love God's little creatures, Because the income's so darn big, Big, Big, Big, Big, Big, BIG! (laughs)


  • It is the only Tom and Jerry song to mention God.