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Gorthan, the Destroyer of Light is a character from Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry. He is voiced by Tom Kenny. He was eliminated from the race after his tongue got stuck on a pole.


Tom and Jerry: The Fast And The Furry

He first appears as a contestant in The Fabulous Super Race, intending to win the mansion and the money. His car is charged by a thousand souls.

Somewhere in the race, he throws a stink pod into Tom's car, forcing the cat into getting out to cough. He runs over Tom, along with Soccer Mom and Jerry.

In the Amazon Jungle, he gets stuck in a broken bridge but calls a monstrous eagle-creature named "Knargack the Black-Winged" to escape. Buzz and Biff want to know about it, though Gorthan takes no time in clarification as he scrambles to catch up.

He is the first to reach the Arctic, but shortly after, he got eliminated from the race after his tongue got stuck on a pole and the ice cracked, leaving him and his car to float away. It's unknown what happened to him afterwards.


Gorthan is a mysterious and competitive contestant. He is destructive towards light, as his name implies. He likes taking long walks on Boiling Blood Beach and pizza. He dislikes indelicate flowers. However, it is shown that he loves his unseen mother as shown when he held a card that said "Hi, Mom" in front of the camera.


  • According to his racer profile, his favorite song is "I Just Called To Say I Love You", which is Mallory's favorite song as well.
  • Apparently it is based on the villain Death-Adder from the arcade game Golden Axe.
  • His Design is similar to Dark Laser from the Nickelodeon Tv show "The Fairly Odd Parents".
  • He is the only racer aside from Tom and Jerry who doesn't die at the end of his race as his fate remains unknown.