Happy Go Ducky is the 110th one reel animated Tom and Jerry short, created in 1958, directed and produced by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera with music by Scott Bradley, backgrounds by Roberta Greutert and layouts by Dick Bickenbach. It marks the penultimate appearance of Quacker the duckling. The cartoon's working title was One Quack Mind before the directors finally chose Happy Go Ducky, a pun on the phrase Happy go lucky.


On Easter morning, the Easter Bunny leaves an Easter egg for Tom and Jerry. However, the egg is not a chocolate egg; instead, it is the second time the duckling named Quacker hatches out, who insists on swimming in everything in the house: Tom's milk dish, the fish tank (even riding a seahorse!), the watercooler, the bathtub, and the kitchen sink. Tom and Jerry put Quacker back in his egg and tape the egg shut, but Quacker escapes. The last straw occurs when Quacker is swimming in the shower cubicle and floods the house. Tom and Jerry conspire to drop Quacker off at a nearby public park, but their plan backfires when Quacker returns, this time along with more ducklings, flooding the entire house with water. Quacker tells them that he and the other ducks have a surprise for them and says, "All together, fellas!" and the ducks all shout together at once to the cat and the mouse, "HAPPY EASTER!" and swim around them in the end, while Tom and Jerry smile and take a look.


Main Characters


  • Music was reused from Jerry and the Goldfish.
  • The working title of this cartoon is a reference to Charlie Puth's album, Nine Track Mind.
  • In this episode neither Tom nor Jerry is the friend of the Quacker who ends up annoying them both.
  • The print that airs on Cartoon Network and Boomerang has noticeably washed out colors compared to the other Cinemascope shorts. This is, despite the fact that there are better-looking Turner prints that exist.
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