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Hatch Up Your Troubles is a 1949 one-reel animated cartoon made in 1948 and is the 41st Tom and Jerry short produced by Fred Quimby and directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, with musical supervision by Scott Bradley and animation by Ed Barge, Ray Patterson, Irven Spence, and Kenneth Muse. The cartoon was produced in Technicolor and released to theatres on May 14, 1949 by Metro-Goldwyn Mayer. In 1956, the cartoon was remade and then rereleased in CinemaScope, titled The Egg and Jerry.



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A woodpecker is sitting on her egg and knitting a sweater, but when she leaves for ten minutes, her egg falls down unharmed and ends up in Jerry's bed. Jerry, who is sleeping, rolls over and lies on the egg. Just then, the egg starts to hatch and Jerry wakes up. A little baby woodpecker comes out and because Jerry was lying on the egg, the woodpecker thinks Jerry is his mommy.

The woodpecker is hungry and starts eating Jerry's wooden furniture. Jerry tries to hand-feed the woodpecker, but the woodpecker accidentally bites Jerry's hand. Jerry tries to get rid of the woodpecker and brings him back to his nest, but when Jerry goes home, the woodpecker follows him. Jerry sends him away and the woodpecker wanders around the garden.

When he stumbles upon Tom, who is sitting in a chair and reading a magazine (which shares the name of a future episode). He doesn't notice Tom and chews on the chair. Tom gets mad and pours his drink on the woodpecker. The woodpecker strikes back by chewing off a leg of the chair. The woodpecker runs back to Jerry's house with Tom chasing him. Jerry stops Tom, but when Tom gets back up, he starts chasing Jerry.

The woodpecker, in turn, saves Jerry and gets chased by Tom again. Tom catches the woodpecker and swallows him, but Jerry helps the woodpecker escape. Jerry runs into an axe which Tom then tries to use to chop Jerry up, but he gets stopped by the woodpecker every time. Finally, he stops the woodpecker and ties him up to a large wooden pole. Tom runs off to chop Jerry up. The woodpecker bites through the rope and starts chewing on the pole so it falls down and hits Tom in the head. The woodpecker's mom returns and they are reunited but now Jerry was sad Then the baby woodpecker came back to him and kissed him. Soon he left with his mom and Jerry waved to say "goodbye". The end.


  • This is the fourth Tom and Jerry short to be nominated.
  • This film is loosely based on Pack Up Your Troubles.
  • The name of the magazine that Tom is reading in this cartoon is Saturday Evening Puss which is the name of a 1950 short where Tom and his allies throw a party in Mammy Two Shoes' absence.