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This article is about the The Tom and Jerry Show (2014) episode, for the Tom and Jerry short, click here.

Haunted Mouse is the seventeenth episode of The Tom and Jerry Show (2014).


Tuffy hires Tom and Jerry to remove a ghost from a haunted house. But later it was found out Rat was the Ghost. He did it to get rid of Tuffy and have his whole family to live. Suddenly it turns out that Tuffy is the real ghost.


One night, at the TDA, Tom and Jerry tells Tuffy that the house is full of ghost. Tom and his gang went to the house. At first, it was a ghost but it was later found out to be Melfred who was a plain rat. Tuffy tells Melfred about suspicious plans to scare Tom and Jerry.


Major Characters

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  • First appearance of Melfred In this episode.
    • The voiceover surprise that Tuffy was pass toward the walls and cause "Well butter my butts and called me a biscuit".
    • The same name Tom & Jerry cartoon Chuck Jones MGM theatric era episode from 1966.