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Hen is a character who made ​​her first appearance in the Tom and Jerry cartoon ''Fine Feathered Friend''. She is very protective over her eggs and hurts Tom when he touches her chicks or steals her eggs. She made a cameo appearances in Texas Tom between a chase of Tom and the Bull, Downhearted Duckling, when Jerry held on to her by accident, before Jerry grabbed her by mistake when he meant to hold on to Quacker then she pecks him into the ground and leaves. In Tom and Jerry: Cowboy Up, Hen scares Tom away for making the chicken run away as a joke.


Original Shorts


Tex Avery Shorts

  • Crazy Over Chip (cameo)
  • Chicken in the Rough
  • Cock-a-Doodle Dog
  • Billy Boy
  • The Farm of Tomorrow
  • Robot Around