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Henry is a character from the Tom and Jerry series. He is voiced by Red Coffey.


Henry is a light brown duck with white feather and an anchor tattoo on his chest. According to his muscular shape, it is assumed that Henry is strong as Spike Bulldog.


Henry is very protective of his family, as shown when he is enraged at Tom's offenses towards his wife and son and attacks the cat as payback.


In Little Quacker Henry appears hearing his wife's call, who then informs him what Tom did to their son Quacker and being run over with the lawnmower. Henry was horrified at learning his wife was run over by Tom and glares at Tom in rage and snarls "He did?". Tom then runs with Henry chasing him, Tom was not watching where he is going and smashes face first on a tree allowing Henry to run the lawnmower up and down continuously up and down on his back, shaving his fur off.


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