Ho Ho Horrors is the twenty-second episode of Tom and Jerry Tales. It is directed by Neal Sternecky, story by Richard Pursel, teleplay by Eric Donald and Jim Gomez and storyboard by Dave Bennett.





When Mrs. Two-Shoes goes to bed on Christmas Eve, Tom lies in his basket and dreams of cooking Jerry and eating him. Jerry, not liking this, enters the dream and turns it into a nightmare with the help of his dream counterpart. It ends with Jerry connecting a plug to Tom causing it to explode, resulting in an angel fireworks display. The two then wake up and find they've trashed the entire house in their sleep. Mrs. Two-Shoes, woken by the ruckus, is not happy. She tosses the pair into the cold. The narrator suggests that this is the time of year where enemies put aside their differences...though Jerry seems to have other ideas. Tom continues chasing Jerry.


  • The episode is still very disturbing due to seizures. This is one and only episode to be used any animation making it prone to epilepsy.
  • The title is a pun of Ho Ho Ho.


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