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Hoops McJumpalot is a character that appears in The Tom and Jerry Show (2014)'s episode "Slam Dunk". He is voiced by Stephen Stanton.


Hoops does things like the Australians do like calling someone mate and often saying G'day. He also speaks in a Australian accent.


Hoops McJumpalot is an kangaroo basketball player who has lucky "high tops," which are just a pair of smelly sneakers.


Hoops is a tall, orange-brown kangaroo with brown hair and green eyes. He wears a headband, a jersey, and basketball shorts, all of which are blue. He also wears a pair of blue sneakers with white tops with grey-green stains on them, which he refers to as his "lucky high tops."


  • Unlike other kangaroos in the franchise, Hoops never beat up Tom.