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It's a Gift is the eleventh episode of Tom and Jerry in New York.


Jerry uses the robots modelling after him to scare away Tom and people inside the hotel.


Tom is chasing Jerry around the hotel, wreaking havoc amongst the personnel and the guests. The animals reach the merchandise store inside the hotel, where Jerry conceals himself amongst robot mice there all look just like him. Tom tests the first mouse robot within his reach and he damages it. At the same time, real Jerry sets the robot mice to rush at his feline adversary, which distracts both Tom and the hotel personnel. While the distraction works, Jerry attempts to grab a pack of cheesy cheetos on display using a string. Unfortunately for him, the fan causes the string to spin and shoots Jerry to the floor.

Meanwhile, Tom returns to the gift shop and keeps searching for real Jerry. The mouse finds shelter under a cap, which is tried by one of the shop's customers. Tom spots the rodent under the cap and attacks its wearer, which leads to throwing the cat out of the shop. Before Tom returns, Jerry hides inside a glass spheres with miniature city landscape. When Tom is searching the wares, Jerry scares him off with a silly facial expression. When Tom recovers, he starts making mess inside the shop in search for real Jerry. The clerk calls for security and she summons a rather obese guard riding a scooter.

Tom attempts to fool the guard with a makeshift disguise, but without effect. Both animals flee to the room separated from the shop with a curtain, where Jerry finds three stashes of robot mice shaped after him. He sets them, which causes both Tom and the guard run away from the shop, being chased by a flood of robot mice and the shop assistant, who is doing her best to catch up with the running away merchandise. Having escaped the hotel, Tom stumbles upon a man dressed in Mouse costume looks just like Jerry, which scares Tom off.

The episode ends with Tom running away from the guard, the man dressed as a huge Mouse, flood of mouse robots, and the shop assistant. At the same time, real Jerry is showing off a cap, a T-shirt, a pointing glove, and a cookie.


  • Tom Cat
  • Jerry Mouse
  • Humans (including shop assistant, security guard, and one customer at the gift shop)
  • Robot Mice (there look just like Jerry)
  • Mouse Mascot (that looks just like Jerry)


  • In the scene where Tom searches for the real Jerry with hiding behind doppelgangers, is reminiscent to a scene from "I'm Just Wild About Jerry".


Oops! Jerry's head has popped off, but don't worry, it's only a robot.