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Italian dog is a blue Italian dog (possibly an Italian Greyhound) from the Tom and Jerry cartoon Neapolitan Mouse.

Abilities and Powers


The Italian dog speaks in Italian. He is shown to be friendly to his 2 canine friends and is shown angry at Topo. However, they reformed after being defeated by Tom and Jerry. His friends and him are based on Butch Cat (him), Lightning Cat (the white one) and Topsy Cat (the short one).


The Italian dog is a dark blue dog and wears a red scarf. His canine friends are white with a light green scarf and orange with a light blue scarf.


In the Neapolitan Mouse, the Italian dog is shown attacking Tom and Topo who witnesses this attacks him, tying his tail on his legs and his ears on his face and he runs away and speaks something in Italian.  While Topo shows Tom and Jerry around Naples, he quietly follows them. While Topo was singing an Italian song to Tom and Jerry, he and his canine friends find them. They alert Tom and Jerry to their presence and they flee to a nearby cheese store as they confront Topo. After Topo finishing singing her song she notices that she's being confronted by the dogs and flees and is signaled by Tom and Jerry who are in the cheese store and they chase her. They are being chased into the Bay of Naples by three big pieces of cheese wheels and knocks them into the water. They are shown waving goodbye to Tom and Jerry who return to their ship which takes them back to the United States with the trio reformed.



  • He makes a cameo appearance in Tom and Jerry Chase in Topo's video game fever skin trailer.