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Arthur Jack Zander (also known as Jack Zander) (May 3, 1908-December 17, 2007) was an animator who worked on the first Tom and Jerry shorts, and later went on to make his own animation studio in the 70s.



He started his animation career in 1930 at the Romer Grey studio, then The Van Beuren Corporation in 1931, and then Terrytoons in 1936.


Not much is known about his time at Terrytoons, but it's known that he was one of the top animators there, he was only there for a year before leaving to join MGM in their new animation unit.


Joining MGM in 1937, he worked on cartoons based off comic-strips. (Notably, a series based on the strip "The Captain and the Kids".) After a few years he, alongside a few others worked on the 1940 short "Puss Gets the Boot". After that short, he would work on Tom and Jerry until 1942, when he left the studio. He took a brief stint in the Signal Corps, but he left there shortly afterwards, and eventually he switched entirely to animation designed for TV.

Zander's Animation Parlor

After leaving theatrical animation sometime earlier, he created his own animation studio in the 1970s. There, he animated many commercials for various companies, including Pepsi, AT&T, and the U.S Postal Service. And in the 1980s, he created a character called "Tippi Turtle" for the late-night comedy series "Saturday Night Live".

Tom and Jerry


His style can best be described as squishy, malleable, very akin to rubber. He typically gives Jerry rounded pointy ears, and he animated the more wacky, off the wall sequences. Here are some examples;



  1. Puss Gets the Boot (uncredited)


  1. The Midnight Snack (uncredited)
  2. The Night Before Christmas (uncredited)


  1. Fraidy Cat (uncredited)
  2. Dog Trouble (uncredited)
  3. Puss n' Toots (uncredited)
  4. The Bowling Alley-Cat (uncredited)
  5. Fine Feathered Friend (credited on original print???)


  1. Sufferin' Cats! (credited???, backlogged release)
  2. The Lonesome Mouse (credited, backlogged release)
  3. The Yankee Doodle Mouse (uncredited on original print, credited on reissue, backlogged release)
  4. Baby Puss (uncredited, backlogged release)


  • He's largely uncredited in the series, alongside Bill Littlejohn, Cecil Surry, and George Gordon.
  • Two of the shorts he worked on, "Sufferin' Cats!" and "The Yankee Doodle Mouse" were released in 1943. Even though he left the studio in 1942, he likely left MGM during the production of these shorts.
  • He was nominated for an Emmy for his work on 1981s "Gnomes".
    • Three years later, he won a MPSC (Motion Picture Screen Cartoonists) Golden Award, for his work in the industry.
  • It's estimated he made over 5000 commercials in his time in the industry.