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Not to be confused with Jerry's Cousin, a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

"Jerry's Country Cousin" is the fortieth episode of The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show.


Jerry's identical, yet strong cousin comes to visit. Tom retreats after Jerry's cousin ruins his mistress' daughter's wedding buffet with a herd of pigs.






  • The premise of one of Jerry's family members coming over to help him out/posing as him is tried and true plot, but one may be surprised to learn that this is the only time this show used the idea.
  • Jerry's cousin is the one who called the pig over, after all he does come from a farm, however if a viewer pays close attention to the continuity they'll notice that Jerry should be the one in his cousin's place. In fact, the subtitles for the Boomerang app incorrectly states that the line "Suey!" is being shouted by Jerry.
  • This was the episode included on The Deluxe Anniversary Collection, meaning that it must have been one of the one most liked episodes of The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show, hence it's the only episode of The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show that is released on any home media format.
  • Jerry's Cousin could actually be Muscles Mouse. His Suitcase has a "M" which might stand for Muscles.
  • Muscles does not have his yellow striped shirt like in the old cartoons.
  • Jerry writing "STINKY" on a chalk board gag was reused in this episode from Quiet Please!.