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"Jerry Hood and His Merry Meeces" is the eighty-fourth episode of Tom & Jerry Kids written by Fred Kron.


Jerry plays Robin Hood as He and His Band of Merry Meeces steal from the rich Sheriff of Rottingham to the poor mice.


  • Sir Thomas (minor antagonist)
  • Jerry Hood
  • Mouse Marian
  • Sheriff of Rottingham (main antagonist)
  • Friar Mouse
  • Mouse Scarlet
  • Little Louie
  • Alligators


In Merry ole England, we find the Sheriff of Rottingham posting a wanted poster with a dagger as a makeshift hammer and says He'll offer 50 gold pieces for information leading to the capture of Jerry Hood and his band of Merry Meeces. While the Sheriff is talking to the village mice about Jerry's dastardly deeds, including being merry in public places, doing nice things for poor people, and robbing in a no-robbing zone. Jerry's band shows up and steals the 50 pieces of gold reward. The Sheriff is then insulted by Jerry a second time, first being the theft of gold, when Jerry shots an arrow with a poster attached showing a caricature of "Stinky the Sheriff" infuriating the sheriff after being a victim of character assassination.

The next scene shifts to Sherwood Forest where we are introduced to Mouse Scarlet, Friar Mouse, Little Louie, and lastly Mouse Marian the one who owns Jerry's heart, but Jerry doesn't know it. Jerry then heads to practice his bow and arrow skills which are unparalleled. The Sheriff then sends Sir Tom to rid the forest of Jerry Hood and his band of thieves. However, Tom is sent back running as a flurry of arrows descend on him followed by another volley at the seated Sheriff. This annoys the Sheriff and goes to the top of castle walls dressed in full plate armor as He taunts Jerry and his men as arrows bounce off is armor. However, Jerry's arrow hits the sheriff's weak point, His rear end, sending him flying into the air. Now the Sheriff is really vexed so he places Tom on a catapult with an order to infiltrate the forest and capture Jerry.

Once Tom lands in the forest, he puts on a crimson cloak and sets out to find Jerry and luckily finds the Merry Meeces celebrating with a conga line. Tom captures Mouse Marian and brings her to the castle. the Sheriff congratulates Tom for supplying the bait, Mouse Marian. She attempts to cry for help, the sheriff supplies Her a small megaphone to make the scream louder. as Jerry and his men try to rescue Marian, but are stopped momentarily by the Sheriff who informs the mice that they are about to be tarred. However, Tom misses the mice and ends up getting the Sheriff tarred instead while Jerry rescues Mouse Marian. The Sheriff then climbs up to the tower where Sir Thomas is and accepts Tom's resignation as the Sheriff is about to drop Tom into the moat where the Alligators are readying to eat Him whole. Tom panics and runs to the catapult, launching himself into the forest to not only escape punishment, but also end up joining Jerry's band of Merry Meeces. and all is well. But, except that Mouse Marian is allergic to cats.

Guest Voice Cast

Tim Curry as the Sheriff of Rottingham


  • In two scenes, Tom's eyes are white instead of yellow.
  • In one scene after accidentally tarring the sheriff, Tom's eyebrows are grey instead of black.