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Jerry Mouse Jr. is the son of Jerry Mouse from the original series, and is one of the two titular main protagonists of Tom & Jerry Kids. His mother appears in Jerry's Mother, but his father never appeared in that episode.

Appearance and Personality

Jerry Mouse is a short anthropomorphic mouse with light brown fur, a tan belly, a tan snout with a black nose, white and black eyes, small, padded feet, a clump of hair, and wears a trademark red bowtie. In some appearances, he wears clothing during particular events. He and Tom also appear in some segments based upon historical events, but that it's rather their imagination, since they live in a more modern world. During most of his appearances, he often gets chased by Tom, and usually retaliates Tom's plans, although Tom and many cats and humans claim that he is a pest.


Although Jerry usually wears only his bowtie and normally doesn't wear clothes, he was seen wearing clothes in some episodes. He sometimes wears his trademark bowtie with some of the clothes he wears, and sometimes does not. In Chase School, he was wearing a blue jacket with a white V-neck shirt with a yellow collar underneath, and a cream-colored skimmer hat; although the male mice in the crowd were wearing blue sweaters, and blue caps, but were wearing bowties like he was wearing. He wears swimsuits when going swimming. During his fourth and final attempt to evade Tom in Catch That Mouse he was wearing a light blue athletic shirt with shoulder straps and a pair of blue shorts. In Cosmic Chaos that has a futuristic time setting, he is shown wearing a cosmic shirt that is half green and half red.


  • Name: Jerry Mouse (Tom and Jerry Kids)
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Anthropomorphic Mouse
  • Family: Unnamed mother
  • Age: Unknown
  • Likes: Cheese, Outsmarting Tom
  • Dislikes: Getting trapped, being defeated
  • Friends: Tom (sometimes), other mice, humans
  • Enemies: Tom (most of the time), Spike and Tyke, cats