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Kitten is a one-time character who appeared in the cartoon The Unshrinkable Jerry Mouse.

She was a cute kitten bought by Tom's owner from a pet shop who was adored by both her and Jerry. However, Tom got really jealous and saw her as a rival muscling in on his house and comfortable life. Not wanting to share what he had with anyone else, he tried to get rid of her, but she was saved and protected by Jerry.

In the end, she's being pampered with Jerry by Tom after he's punished for being mean to her. She's seen happily sucking milk from a straw.


The kitten is a calico cat having white and brown fur. Half of her face's white, while the other half's brown. Her tail's also brown and she has light blue eyes and long black eyelashes.

Voice Actors


  • Sweet
  • Innocent
  • Friendly
  • Cute
  • Bubly

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