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"League of Cats" is an episode of Tom and Jerry Tales directed by Tim Maltby, written by Richard Pursel and storyboard by Lyndon Ruddy.



Butch recruits Tom to join the League of Cats, a secret organization of cats who work together to catch mice after watching several of Tom's failed attempts to catch Jerry. However, despite the cats' teamwork, they still fail in catching Jerry. Meanwhile, Jerry establishes a similar secret organization of mice known as the League of Mice to get back at the League of Cats. A fight between both organizations ensues in a dark alleyway at night, which results in the League of Cats losing the battle due to League of Mice consisting of more members (in the form of mice) than the League of Cats. The cartoon ends with the cats having to work as slaves for the League of Mice.


In other languages

Irish: Comhghuaillíocht na Peataí (Pet Alliance)

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese ネコ同盟 Cat Alliance
Traditional Chinese 貓仔同盟會 Cat League
German Liga der Katzen League of cats
Polish Kocia liga Cat League
French La ligue des chats The league of cats
Italian La lega dei gatti The league of cats
Spanish La Liga de Los Gatos The League of Cats
Portuguese Liga dos Gatos cats league