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"We've got to have...Money"
―Lickboot's famous quote

Lickboot is the secondary antagonist in Tom and Jerry: The Movie. He is the snide lawyer and boyfriend of Aunt Pristine Figg, and they both want to capture Robyn Starling so they can have her father's inheritance money. He was voiced by the late Tony Jay.

They are obsessed with money to the point that they sing a song about their greed, and Lickboot was now best known for his line: "We've GOT to have...MONEY." which became an internet meme.


Tom and Jerry: The Movie

Lickboot first appears sitting beside the fireplace drinking a cup of tea, he says to Figg that she would not live without Robyn which causes her to calls him a hoodoo. In order to do so, they work with Dr. Applecheek to get rid of Tom and Jerry, but with help from Puggsy and Frankie DaFlea, the three manage to escape the villains and bring Robyn to safety, and are given a new home for saving her. He and Aunt Figg accidentally destroyed Robyn's father's cabin and accidentally sailed away in Robyn's boat. It is possible that Lickboot was arrested by Robyn's father for his crimes, planting a one million reward bounty on Robyn and destroying the Starling Enterprise property and got fired from his job as a lawyer. and it is unknown what happens to his car and Fig's house after their arrest.


He has Black hair, brown eyes, fair skin, wears a Blue Tuxedo and grey shoes.


  • Despite being a villain, he seems to care more about Robyn's well being compared to Aunt Figg. When Lickboot was at the climax when the cottage was burning down, he seemed genuinely concerned about Robyn's safety, telling her she needed to get out of the cabin before it burned down. Also while Figg was content to leave Robyn to die, Lickboot was more reluctant.
  • Even though the movie was harshly received (especially with the fans), Lickboot had unanimous praise, due to his catchphrase, "We've got to have money!" and became a popular internet meme.