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Lion is a character who first appeared in "Jerry and the Lion". He escaped the circus due to how much he hated being treated there. It was reported on the radio that he escaped, and he hid in Tom and Jerry's house. He tells Jerry to not give him away and that if he is taken back to the circus, he will go crazy because he can't stand the corny music or the crackle of popcorn bags. He asks Jerry to help him get back to the jungle and Jerry accepts. He tells Jerry that he is hungry and eats a large ham with Jerry's help. He escaped on a ship to Africa, but not before saying an emotional goodbye to Jerry.




Episodes appear in

Tom and Jerry

The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show

Tom and Jerry Tales

The Tom and Jerry Show (2014)

Season 4

War of the Whiskers

Lion appears as a challenger, and is only the opponent once. He is the one of the four strongest fighters alongside Spike, Eagle and Monster Jerry of the 11 characters. Ironically, he fights Jerry twice (normal Jerry and Monster Jerry), the mouse who was his best friend.

Voice Actors

  • Daws Butler (1950)
  • Allen D. Marriott (2002)
  • Louis Chirillo (2008)