The first season of The Tom and Jerry Show premiered April 9, 2014 on Cartoon Network. The first season ended on August 4, 2014. Season 1 consists of twenty-six 23-minute episodes and fifty-two total shorts.


This reboot of the Tom and Jerry franchise follows the antics of Tom in his pursuit to catch Jerry. Each episode of the series follows either one of these scenarios:

  • Tom and Jerry's typical antics in a modern-day urban setting, usually set in a house owned by Rick and Ginger.
  • Tom and Jerry being pets to two witches named Beatie and Hildie.
  • Tom and Jerry working together as detectives in Tolucaville (Los Angeles as of Season 2) by operating a detective agency called "The Cat and Mouse Detectives", complete with a narrator.
  • Jerry living in a lab with a rat companion named Napoleon, with Tom being an alley cat.


  • This season has two episodes with 11 minutes, while in season 2, 3 and 4 he did three episodes with 7 minutes to resemble the series Tom and Jerry.
  • In Season 3 and 4 Absent Napoleon and in Season 2, 3 and 4 Absent Dr. Bigby.
  • The place science was taken out in seasons 2, 3, and 4, and the place for witches was taken out in seasons 3 and 4.


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Title U.S. viewers (millions) Original airdate
1a Spike Gets Skooled 1.08[1] April 9, 2014
Tom gets Spike sent to obedience school, and Jerry is left without a protector. When Spike returns, Tom tries hard to get Spike to revert to his old ways. Jerry fights back to make sure that Spike keeps his cool.
1b Cats-Ruffled Furniture 1.08[1] April 9, 2014
Tom is under strict orders to not wake the Witch sisters, but Jerry is set on getting Tom in trouble. When Tom uses the magic spell wand and makes all of the furniture come alive, he must get the help of Newt to make everything go back as it was..
2a Sleep Disorder 1.31[2] April 16, 2014
Ginger gets a high tech mattress and Tom is forbidden to sleep on it.
2b Tom's In-Tents Adventure 1.31[2] April 16, 2014
Tom and Jerry go camping in Yosemite. Jerry appears to be having good luck, but as Tom has his share of luck, it's so bad it could even attract a bear!
3a Birthday Bashed 1.24[3] April 23, 2014
When Tom and Jerry accidentally ruin Tyke's birthday party planned by Spike, he forces them to take over. They must entertain and take care of the puppy birthday bash, but no matter what they do, nothing seems to work out right.
3b Feline Fatale 1.24[3] April 23, 2014
Criminal Toodles Galore hires private eyes Tom Cat and Jerry to investigate and protect her against a threat to her tuna can inheritance.
4a Cat Nippy 1.12[4] April 30, 2014
Tom and Jerry are locked out in the snow.
4b Ghosts of a Chance 1.12[4] April 30, 2014
Jerry causes Tom to lose eight out of his nine lives. Tom uses magic to bring them back, and instead is stuck with eight annoying ghost versions of himself. They try to catch Jerry, who is still too clever for them. Tom decides to work with Jerry and they come up with a magic spell to send these ghosts back where they came.
5a Holed Up N/A May 14, 2014
When Jerry ventures out of his hole for a late night snack, Tom has a trap set for him. Unfortunately for Tom, he falls into his own trap and gets his head stuck through the wall and into Jerry’s house. Jerry tries everything he can to dislodge Tom, and almost gives up hope of ever getting his privacy back.
5b One of a Kind N/A May 14, 2014
Detectives Tom and Jerry are hired by Polly the Dog to get back her collar from mean Barkley at the park. After a series of incidents involving the pound “jail” and an electric fence, Barkley reforms when he meets Polly and falls in love with her.
6a Belly Achin' N/A May 21, 2014
Little Quacker enlists Jerry’s help in getting his cracked favorite birdbath fixed, but they get distracted by the smell of Tom’s delicious Chinese takeout. After fighting over the food, Tom steals Little Quacker’s fortune cookie and gets the kind of fortune he deserves. Later, Little Quacker and Jerry are eaten by Tom and they both end up inside the cat's stomach.
6b Dog Daze N/A May 21, 2014
Spike has a bright idea is to build a swimming pool for his son Tyke, but he finds that he can’t do it on his own, so he enlists the help of Tom and Jerry, after Tom got scolded by Rick and kicked out of the house for being too destructive. As expected, the cat and mouse duo fail to do things the right way, but what can Spike do? He can’t lose his temper in front of his son.
7a Birds of a Feather N/A July 7, 2014
Ginger is in charge of taking care of her mother's bird and Tom tries his hardest to keep from eating the bird.
7b Vampire Mouse N/A July 7, 2014
At Hildie and Beatie's cottage, Jerry pretends to be a vampire to scare Tom, using coal dust all over his body, a black cloak for a cape-like pair of wings, and two red marker dots for some fake "vampire bite holes" on his neck, with the help from a mouse-like vampire bat. Thinking Jerry is really transformed into a vampire by being bitten by his ally, Tom balances trying to keep him at bay and helping the witches make a new potion, it's up to Tom — with the help of his friend Newt — to defeat the "vampire mouse" (actually, the disguised Jerry)!
8a Entering and Breaking N/A July 8, 2014
When a burglar has been breaking in homes, Rick and Ginger leave Spike in charge and Spike teaches Tom and Jerry how to protect their home and defend themselves.
8b Franken Kitty N/A July 8, 2014
Jerry and his mouse friend Napoleon are lab mice and Tom is outside going through trash until he sees the two mice that he wants for an appetite and things go crazy when an elderly cat becomes a kitten and chases the mice which Napoleon shows his pants to Jerry.
9a Haunted Mouse N/A July 9, 2014
Tuffy hires Tom and Jerry to remove a ghost from a haunted house.But later it was find out Rat Was the Ghost.he do it to get rid of Tuffy and Had his whole family to live.Suddenly It Turns out that Tuffy is the Real Ghost.
9b Tom Foolery N/A July 9, 2014
Butch tricks Tom into trading lifestyles while Jerry tries to endure Butch's attempts to eat him.
10a Here's Lookin' A-Choo, Kid N/A July 10, 2014
Spike develops allergies and Rick thinks that Spike is likely allergic to Tom, so Rick gets a hypoallergenic kitten named Glory for Ginger; Spike, Tom and Jerry plan to get rid of the nice kitten who is actually anything but Spike finds his toy he see Glory carry it then Spike trying to attack Glory and Ginger stops Spike.
10b Superfied N/A July 10, 2014
Jerry and Napoleon discovers how Dr. Bigby creates his latest invention: a superpower formula, consisting of green-colored cookies and milk that will give some extraordinary superhuman strength and muscles to anyone who consumes them (although it works with laboratory animals, not humans). When Tom makes an attempt to get the two mice, tables soon get turned as the three animals are transformed by the formula, leading to a battle for survival.
11a What a Pain! N/A July 11, 2014
Tom and Spike are sent to a Veterinarian, as Jerry and Tuffy deal with the Exterminator.
11b Hop To It N/A July 11, 2014
Tom and Jerry try to get a Piece of Butch's head hair, but Tom is distracted by winning the hand of a Girl Cat. Which Butch wants to Marry Her for Her wealth, but Tom wants Her for Romance, and not for Fortune.
12a For the Love of Ruggles N/A July 14, 2014
Tom throws Spike's beloved chew toy over the fence and has to get it back when he sees how heartbroken Spike becomes.
12b Sleuth or Consequences N/A July 14, 2014
Detectives Tom and Jerry discover Butch and a squirrel are con artists and are stealing from customers.
13a Dinner is Swerved N/A July 15, 2014
When Ginger and Rick go out one night, Tom and Jerry bring their girlfriends to the home. They both combat each other to make a great night for their girlfriends.
13b Bottled Up Emotions N/A July 15, 2014
Dr. Bigby's love potion formula used again and again in the lab as the animals go into chaos, romantically.
14a Turn About N/A July 16, 2014
Tom has a date with Toodles and she warns him not to be late, but Butch tricks Tom that Toodles has a surprise in the basement for him and he leaves him down there; Toodles leaves Butch in charge of her younger, rowdy siblings; Jerry and Tuffy watches a horror movie and mistakes Tom for a monster.
14b The Plight Before Christmas N/A July 16, 2014
While celebrating the holidays with Beatie and Hildie, Tom and Jerry destroy their Christmas tree and must go out to obtain a new one. In the process, they help out Santa Claus by delivering presents for Christmas.
15a Tuffy Love N/A July 17, 2014
Jerry and Tuffy are getting ready to go to a family reunion, but unfortunately, Tuffy gets left behind. Tom thinks Tuffy is easy pickings, but he's in for a surprise.
15b Poof! N/A July 17, 2014
Tom and Jerry are hired by a bad magician to recover his partner a lost pigeon.
16a Top Cat N/A July 21, 2014
Tom and Butch face off on a battle to catch Jerry.
16b Mummy Dearest N/A July 21, 2014
Tom and Jerry use Mummy's Spell Book to alive Mummy, but then the book becomes mad.
17a Domestic Kingdom N/A July 22, 2014
A television show presents the domestic cat (Tom) facing off with Jerry, loving Toodles and bothering Spike.
17b Molecular Break Up N/A July 22, 2014
Dr. Bigby invents a transporting machine that transports Tom and Jerry to Paris where they meet a girl mouse and a girl cat.
18a Just Plane Nuts N/A July 23, 2014
Tom, Spike, Rick and Ginger are in the airport to fly into Hawaii, but Jerry and Tuffy are here too for bothering them.
18b Pets Not Welcome N/A July 23, 2014
After arriving in Hawaii, Rick and Ginger sneak Tom and Spike inside a resort, that doesn't allow pets.
19a Cruisin' for a Bruisin' N/A July 24, 2014
Inside a cruise Ship, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, and Spike, encounter Meathead.
19b Road Trippin' N/A July 24, 2014
Tom and Spike go on a road trip with Their owners, to Ginger's Great Aunt Claire. however, Spike and Tom are stalked by a murderous dog in a black sweater named Hannible, aka The Doggie of Doom.
20a Magic Mirror N/A July 25, 2014
When Hildie gets a magic mirror that predicts the future, Tom sees predictions of himself being fed a fish, which is good, and then a bad prediction: switching heads with Beatie.
20b Bone Dry N/A July 25, 2014
Spike hires the detectives to find His missing bones.
21a My Bot-y Guard N/A July 28, 2014
Dr. Bigby upgrades his robot to be "The future of home security," but when Tom invades the lab to pursue Jerry and Napoleon, the robot has some tricks up its sleeves.
2b Little Quacker and Mister Fuzzy Hide N/A July 28, 2014
When Hildie and Beatie leaves their home, Tom and Jerry comes across Little Quacker who turns into a big monster on and off when he eats the stew that Tom made standing on the window.
22a Pipeline N/A July 29, 2014
When Ginger's wedding ring falls down the drain, Tom, Jerry and Spike have to get it back before she finds out.
22b No Brain, No Gain N/A July 29, 2014
One of Dr. Bigby's inventions make Tom intelligent.
23a Cat Napped N/A July 30, 2014
When an injured Tom sees a female cat named Misty across the street get catnapped, him and Jerry seeks help from her dog friend, Scarf to locate her.
23b Black Cat N/A July 30, 2014
When Tom ruins Hildie and Beatie's potions, they get fed up with him and he overhears them wanting a black cat instead of him. He makes and drinks a potion that turns him into a black cat, and they assume he's another cat.
24a Hunger Strikes N/A July 31, 2014
During a winter day when Rick and Ginger are out of the house, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Spike and Tyke manage to get and find food around the house.
24b Gravi-Tom N/A July 31, 2014
One of Dr. Bigby's inventions makes things float, so Jerry and Napoleon try it on themselves and then they try it out on Tom..
25a Ghost Party N/A August 1, 2014
When Hildie and Beatie go away on a vacation, Tom and Jerry has problems when their ghost nephew, Grayson, comes over and throws a Large Party with his friends and takes their crystal ball for bowling.
25b Cat-Astrophe N/A August 1, 2014
An asteroid is heading towards earth and Tom and Jerry are determined to stop it; Napoleon is hungry for vending machine food.
26a Curse Case Scenario N/A August 7, 2014
An unlucky dog named Dutch goes to Detectives Tom and Jerry, saying that a ruby stone he has been guarding from his great grandfather's master pirate "Captain Wrongway Weston" is taken from a female dog named Roxy, who is also unlucky.
26b Say Cheese N/A August 7, 2014
When he tries out a new cheese-in-a-can that Rick and Ginger buy, Tom has a crazy day when he experiences hallucinations based on the show's other scenarios.
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