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This is a list of episodes from the animated television series Tom & Jerry Kids.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 13 September 8, 1990 December 1, 1990
2 13 September 14, 1991 December 7, 1991
3 26 September 12, 1992 December 13, 1992
4 13 September 11, 1993 December 4, 1993


Season 1 (1990)

# Plot Airdate
  • Flippin' Fido: Tom chases Jerry in a department store, but a watchdog is pursuing Tom, so Tom distracts him with frisbees. Note: Tom and Jerry re-appear (as kids.)
  • Dakota Droopy & the Lost Dutch Boy Mine: Dakota Droopy and his son Dripple sets out to find gold while claim-jumper McWolf follows them to get the gold for himself. Notes: Droopy and The Wolf (who is now called McWolf) re-appear. Dripple's first appearance.
  • Dog Daze Afternoon: Tom relieves all the neighborhood dogs of their leashes, so the dog catcher can capture them, but Jerry springs them from the dog catcher's truck. Tom wakes up from a nap and sees all of the dogs in the house and they chase him. Note: Spike re-appears in this episode, but has no spoken dialogue.
September 8, 1990
  • Toys Will Be Toys: In a toy store at night, Tom pursues Jerry.
  • Droopy Delivers: McWolf tries to ruin Droopy and Dripple's pizza business by getting rid of them and taking over their pizza business.
  • My Pal: Tom accidentally frees Clyde's head from a flower pot and soon regrets his actions, when Clyde tries to help the kitten. Note: First appearance of Clyde.
September 15, 1990
3 September 22, 1990
  • Bat Mouse: Jerry uses his Bat belt to call Bat-Mouse to teach Tom lessons in pain.
  • Puss'n Pups: Spike teaches Tyke how to chase cats and forces Kyle to be Tyke's target. Notes: Tyke re-appears in this episode as an older pup. First appearance of Kyle.
  • Outer Space Rover: A space dog named Urfo gets left behind and befriends Jerry. Note: One of four appearances of Urfo.
September 29, 1990
  • The Vermin: After an all-night birthday party, Tom tries to sleep, but Jerry's electric guitar playing keeps him awake. Jerry joins his favorite music trio: The Vermin.
  • Aerobic Droopy: Droopy and Dripple opens up a new aerobic studio next door to McWolf's who tries to get Miss Vavoom over next to his. Note: First appearance of Miss Vavoom.
  • Mouse Scouts: Tom thinks that Jerry's mouse scouts incessantly stole his food, but a bear makes things worse.
October 6, 1990
  • Sugar Belle Loves Tom, Sometimes: Tom tries to juggle between being allured by Sugar Belle (voiced by Kath Soucie) and guarding the banquet table from Jerry.
  • Mall Mouse: At night, Tom is told to guard the cheese in a cheese shop from Jerry, who's superhero identity is the Mall Mouse.
  • Super Duper Spike: Tyke's favorite T.V. superhero is sick, So his dad masquerades as the superhero.
October 13, 1990
  • Cosmic Chaos: In a futuristic time, Tom is told to eliminate Jerry in the futuristic halls. There is a good ending for Tom and Jerry in the end.
  • Droopy of the Opera: Droopy appears as a tenor of the opera while former opera star Pepperoni McWolf plans to destroy his performance.
  • Beach Bummers: At the beach, as Jerry is chased by Tom, he rescues a dolphin from fishermen.
October 20, 1990
  • Gator Baiter: A wrestling gator (voiced by Jim Cummings) is fed up with being humiliated by other wrestlers that break the rules. He leaves his career and then he encounters Tom and Jerry. Guest Star, Sorrell Booke as the Wrestling Announcer.
  • Hoodwinked Cat: In a homage to Little Red Riding Hood, Spike sends Tyke out to deliver a canary to his grandmother as Kyle has other plans for the bird.
  • Medieval Mouse: Squire Tom is told to clean a knight's castle and get rid of Jerry.
October 27, 1990
  • Clyde to the Rescue: Clyde gets his head stuck again and helps golfer Tom to catch Jerry. Jerry keeps running away from them and does not get captured by them.
  • Droopio & Juliet: Droopy writes a story about him making a competition with McWolf for a woman named Juliet.
  • Maze Monster Zap Men: Tom and Jerry are in an arcade, and are being chased by video monsters.
November 3, 1990
  • Crash Condor: Tom tries to turn a baby condor who dropped on him into the main course while Jerry befriends the condor and helps him fly back up in the air.
  • Yo Ho Ho...Bub: Droopy, Dripple and McWolf are pirates and compete for gold and for beautiful female pirate Vavoom.
  • Scrub-a-Dub Tom: A little blonde girl (voiced by Kath Soucie) bathes and dresses Tom to be in a pet show, despite Tom's objections. Tom then dresses as a baby and gets pushed away in a pram to escape from the girl. Then Tom comes back and the girl dresses him once again for the pet show, then she takes him into the show and Tom receives a gold trophy, then Tom later proves she has humiliated him, forcing the girl to break trust in him. Then the girl finally decides to dress Jerry for a pet show, much to Tom's joy.
November 10, 1990
  • No Biz Like Snow Biz: Jerry and his mouse scouts are on a hike at a ski resort, while at the same time, Tom tries to enjoy skiing.
  • The Maltese Poodle: Detectives Droopy and Dripple are searching The Maltese Poodle.
  • Cast Away Tom: Desperate for food, Tom sees an island and tries to find food.
November 17, 1990
  • The Little Urfulls: Fearing that his planet is doomed, Urfo entrusts Jerry to take care of 6 space pups.
  • Droopo: First Bloodhound: McWolf escapes out of prison and masks as a sheriff and he seeks revenge on movie star hero Droopy who is spoofing John Rambo.
  • Indy Mouse 500: A cross-country road race between Tom and Jerry, and Jerry ends up winning.
November 24, 1990
  • Exterminator Cometh: Calaboose Cal is hired by Tom's owner who will replace him if Cal captures Jerry. Note: Calaboose Cal's first appearance.
  • Foreign Legion Frenzy: Out in a desert, McWolf attacks Droopy and Dripple's castle.
  • Urfo Returns: Urfo runs away from home as he escapes a robotic Urfo catcher.
December 1, 1990

Season 2 (1991)

# Plot Airdate
  • Circus Antics: Jerry tries to enjoy a day at the circus, but Tom is determined to capture him; an elephant helps protect Jerry from Tom.
  • Tres Sheik Poodles: Droopy, Dripple and McWolf compete in the competition to win the Princess.
  • Head Banger Buddy: Tom accidentally hits a very large dog on his head while going after Jerry and the dog starts to act like a cat. Later, the dog gets hit several times and changes from dog to cat behavior, and vice versa.
September 14, 1991
  • Pump 'Em up Pals: Tom and Jerry are increasing their aerobics and fitness level to use against each other.
  • DroopyLand: Droopy and Dripple builds an amusement park that is called "Droopyland" and McWolf tries to destroy it.
  • The Exterminator Cometh...Again: Calaboose Cal takes Tom and Jerry to his television studio and Tom chases Jerry during the show while Calaboose Cal is talking to the camera.
September 21, 1991
  • Jerry's Mother: Jerry's visiting mother (voiced by Sally Struthers) helps Jerry to deal with Tom.
  • Stage Fright: Droopy and Dripple rescues the singing Miss Lolly Vavoom from a runaway stage coach and she organizes a race between Droopy and McWolf.
  • Tom's Terror: Tom moves away to a witch's house and eventually regrets his decision.
September 28, 1991
  • Who Are You Kitten: A orphaned kitten takes residence in Tom's home, and is becoming a nuisance, to not only to Tom, but to Jerry as well, until the "orphan's" mother drags him away.
  • Broadway Droopy: Droopy and McWolf are candidates for a musical role on Broadway. Droopy wins the role and McWolf attempts to crash his performance.
  • Pussycat Pirate: Tom and Jerry are pirates. The ship captain (voiced by Jim Cummings) hires Tom to catch Jerry after his previous cats walk the plank for failing to catch Jerry.
October 5, 1991
  • Father's Day: Tom's grandfather comes to visit and takes him out to the desert to teach him surviving skills.
  • Scourge of the Sky: Droopy and Dripple are pilots during a war they fight in the air against McWolf.
  • Lightning Bolt the Super Squirrel: Lightning Bolt the Super Squirrel helps the weak against the strong, so he decides to help Jerry against Tom and help Tom against the dog. In the end, he gives them the power of lightning, but they use it to fight each other.
October 12, 1991
  • Amademouse: Tom and Jerry are musicians and play for a king.
  • Muscle Beach Droopy: Droopy and Dripple drives down to the beach, and the women are attracted to Droopy; Hunk Hardbody gets angry over this.
  • "Perky" the Fish Pinching Penguin: An underfed penguin escapes show business to find fish to eat. Tom is down by the docks in a fishing boat using Jerry as bait.
October 19, 1991
  • Slowpoke Antonio: Jerry's cowboy cousin, Slowpoke Antonio, comes to the neighborhood to practice for the rodeo. Note: First appearance of Slowpoke Antonio.
  • Haunted Droopy: Droopy and Dripple goes to the home of Droopy's late twin brother, Drippert for his will. McWolf tries to scare them out of Droopy's brother's home.
  • Wildmouse: Wildmouse is a mouse raised by wolves that eats everything very quickly. Tom's owner Pierre tells him to catch the mouse.
October 26, 1991
  • Catch That Mouse: Calaboose Cal runs a show where cats are each given the objective to catch a mouse. From the day before, a brown cat named Ferdie Furball attempts once again to catch Jerry, but loses. Then Tom appears on the show and is given multiple ways to catch Jerry, but with only four chances. In Tom's fourth and final attempt, he chases Jerry (who was willing to take a dive) finally captured by Tom right before they reach the finish line. Then the Mystery Lady takes Tom and Jerry out with her, while Calaboose starts chasing her claiming a foul.
  • Good Knight Droopy: Knight Droopy and another knight (voiced by Brad Garrett) battle each other in order to kiss a princess who is Miss Vavoom.
  • Birthday Surprise: Tom brings birthday presents to his neighbor Cindy Lou, who is celebrating a birthday, and he apparently has a crush on her. As he comes to bring in the final present (Jerry dressed up as a ballerina in a fake music box) Tom finally finds out that Cindy Lou is already in love with another cat and she starts going out with him instead, to which Tom feels she dumped him.
November 2, 1991
  • Cleocatra: Cleocatra (voiced by Tress Macneille) orders Tothentamon (Tom) to catch The Desert Shadow (Jerry).
  • McWolfenstein: Mad scientist McWolf creates Frankenstein, a complaining monster and when Dr. Droopy wins an award for "World's Greatest Scientist," McWolf gets steamed up and he sends his monster to go after Dr. Droopy.
  • Chase School: At Cat and Mouse Chase School, the teacher explains to the two teams of cats and mice on how Tom chases after Jerry and how Jerry attempts to evade or backfire Tom's plans. However, both sides debate over which species are the best, and when Jerry triumphs over Tom, the cats attempt to get revenge of the mice. In the end, both sides start battling each other, and then hurl each other around, and then throw pans of pies along with other projectiles around the autitorium, and when Tom and Jerry attempt to escape, a pan of pie hits Tom's face.
November 9, 1991
  • Zorrito: Zorrito (Jerry) pests a rich, fat cat that took all the money from the mouses in a village.
  • Deep Sleep Droopy: Droopy with his son are bodyguards for Miss Vavoom and they protect her from The Chubby Man (McWolf.)
  • Hard to Swallow: When swallow bird falls from the sky, and one of his wings is damaged, Tom wants to eat him, but Jerry saves the bird.
November 16, 1991
  • The Little Thinker: A little boy finds a space dog named Urfo. Urfo is hiding from another space adventure.
  • Rap Rat Is Where It's At: A thief rat is always singing in a rap style until Droopy and his son sends him to jail.
  • My Pet: Tyke wants to have a cat for a pet, but he finds a Bengalese tiger that has run away from the circus. In the end, Tyke and Spike helps him to go back to his homeland.
  • Trivia: This is the only episode that did not have Tom and Jerry Kids cartoons.(Only various cartoons.) And also, "The Little Thinker" appeared in Storybook Weaver and Storybook Weaver Deluxe.
November 23, 1991
  • The Calabose Cal 495: Tom and Jerry are in the racing competition for the prize of a million dollars. In the end, they both finish at the same time and they both win the prize.
  • Return of the Chubby Man: The Chubby Man(McWolf) is after Miss Wooey Vavoom's poodle again and detectives Droopy and Dripple are on the job.
  • Chumpy Chums: Spike tries to reform Tom to become a good friend to Jerry to show Tyke brotherly love. The tables turn when Tyke says if dogs and cats can be friends, he wants his father to be friends with a cat—Tom, actually.
November 30, 1991
  • Jerry Hood and His Merry Meeces: The Sheriff wants to catch Jerry Hood (Jerry). He sends Tom to catch him, but in the end, Tom becomes Jerry Hood's ally.
  • Eradicator Droopy: Private detectives Droopy and Dripple are after Mad scientist McWolf and his invention, The Eradicator.
  • Tyke on a Hike: Tyke goes to the jungle with Spike to make photos for animals. A lion takes from Tyke too much food. Spike dislikes this. In the end, Spike and Tyke finds him in their home, but Tyke wants the lion to be his friend, even though Spike dislikes this idea.
December 7, 1991

Season 3 (1992)

# Plot Airdate
  • The Planet Dogmania: After eating pizza, Tom has a nightmare where scary cats tell him that if he will not catch Jerry in the next hour, he will be sent to the Planet Dogmania.
  • McWolfula: McWolf appears as a Dracula Vampire and tries to eat Droopy and Dripple who sleeps in his castle.
  • Catawumpus Cat: Tom is sent by native American cats to catch Wildmouse. In the end, the Native Americans sent Tom to live with Wild Animals including Wildmouse.
September 19, 1992
  • Pest in the West: Jerry's cousin annoys Tom by eating his food.
  • Double 'O' Droopy: Droopy is a spy agent and his mission is to stop McWolf's plans.
  • Tom, the Babysitter: A teenage girl (voiced by Kath Soucie) is instructed to babysit the baby while his mother (also voiced by Kath Soucie) is out. Tom and Jerry are given a promise to not bother the baby. However, the babysitter relies on the phone than doing her actual babysitting and Tom points to her that the baby has crawled out of his crib and is crawling everywhere around the house. Then the babysitter accuses Tom for "taking the baby out of the crib" and kicks Tom out of the house. Tom then gets back inside and then puts the baby back into his crib shortly before the baby's mother returns home.
September 20, 1992
  • Gas Blaster Puss: Jerry builds a special motorcycle for mouses and Tom uses various heavy shooting weapons to attack Jerry.
  • Fear of Flying: Droopy and Dripple teaches McWolf how to face his fear of flying.
  • Mess Hall Mouser: Tom and Jerry are serving in the U.S. army. The army chef orders Tom to catch Jerry, but every time Tom catches Jerry, a female soldier cat comes to help Jerry.
September 26, 1992
  • Toliver's Twist: A poor and hungry mouse comes to Tom and Jerry's house to tell them about him and his fellow mouses that are suffering and Tom and Jerry welcomes them in their house.
  • Boomer Beaver: A beaver discovers that Spike has build a home for him and Tyke with his abundant-tree filled forest so he can build his own home.
  • Pony Express Droopy: Droopy and McWolf are in a pony race. Droopy wins in the end.
September 27, 1992
  • Krazy Klaws: Tom want to be a part of a motorcycle cat riders gang. They sent him to catch Jerry.
  • Tyke on a Bike: Tyke wins a bike from a lottery and asks his father Spike to teach him how to ride, but Spike can't ride himself.
  • Tarmutt of the Apes: McWolf is searching a gorilla for a high money reward, but Droopy saves the gorilla from McWolf.
October 3, 1992
  • Tom's Mermouse Mess-Up: During fishing, Tom finds a mermaid mouse. He gives the mouse to the museum, but Jerry helps the mouse escape.
  • Here's Sand in Your Face: Tyke has a conflict with a man on a beach and Spike want to teach him to get tough with him. In the end, Spike teaches him ballet dancing.
  • Deep Space Droopy: In space, Droopy is protecting Miss Vavoom's medallion from McWolf.
October 4, 1992
  • Termi-Maid: A robot comes to Tom and Jerry's house to clean the house, but the robot becomes a threat to Tom and Jerry.
  • The Fish That Shoulda Got Away: Spike and Tyke go fishing. They tries to catch various kinds of fish, but with trouble. In the end, Tyke tells Spike he found a fish: a mermaid.
  • Droopy's Rhino: McWolf tries to catch a rare white Rhino for a huge money reward but Droopy saves the rhino from McWolf. In the end, Droopy gets the money reward for catching McWolf because he is a rare Wolf.
October 10, 1992
  • The Break 'n' Entry Boyz: Two dog bandits come to Tom and Jerry's house to steal things, but they tie Tom up. Jerry unties him and they team up to get them. Jerry phones the police and the bandits soon end up in prison.
  • Love Me, Love My Zebra: Tyke is hiding a zebra in his house and when someone from the zoo comes to take the zebra back, the zebra runs with the horses and wins the race with Tyke. Tyke gets the money prize for winning the competition and the zebra lives with Tyke and Spike.
  • Dakota Droopy Returns: Droopy and Dripple travel through the Amazon jungle to find a lost beautiful young princess. McWolf is also trying to find the lost princess but becomes side tracked by a local tribe. When they find her, they discover she has already been rescued by Droopy's grandfather as well as has been married to him. Droopy and Dripple are happy for him and let him to be alone with his beautiful new bride.
October 11, 1992
  • Doom Manor: Tom and Jerry winds up at a creepy manor and meets a witch (voiced by June Foray) who truly loves cats and uses Jerry as an experiment.
  • Barbeque Bust-Up: Tyrone the cat disrupts Spike and Tyke's barbecue.
  • The Fabulous Droopy & Dripple: The title is a pun of The Fabulous Baker Boys. Droopy and Dripple hire a new singer: Miss Vavoom at their club while McWolf attempts to prove he's a star too.
October 17, 1992
10 October 18, 1992
  • Go-Pher Help: At a golf course, a gopher sees Tom mistreating Jerry, so he pulls out tricks to protect him from Tom.
  • Downhill Droopy: At a ski resort, Famous French skiers Droopy and Dripple teach skiing lessons to movie star Vavoom. Matterhorn McWolf gets furious when they give ski lessons instead of him.
  • Down in the Dumps: Tyke assumes his sleepy father's assignment to protect the city dump from scavengers, one of which is Kyle.
October 24, 1992
  • Catastrophe Cat: Tom's unlucky, singing country cousin visits him and helps him get Jerry.
  • Droopy & the Dragon: After a magic show, Droopy and Dripple take McWolf's dragon.
  • Wildmouse II: Sheriff Potgut hires the Gator Brothers to get rid of Wildmouse.
October 25, 1992
  • Tom's Double Trouble: Tom's owner gets a white mouse (voiced by Dana Hill) and he disappears. Tom paints Jerry white to take his place.
  • High Seas Hijinks: The queen tells Droopy Columbus and Dripple and their rival Admiral McWolf to set sail to find the new world and whoever gets there first will be rewarded.
  • Just Rambling Along: Slowpoke Antonio performs bullfighting.
October 31, 1992
  • The Watchcat: Tom is employed at the Museum of Natural History, under the title of "watchcat", and working under a human manager. During his job as a watchcat, objects come to life at night and walk out of their exhibits, and with Jerry's help, they manage to put the objects back into their exhibits before the clock reaches 6:00 AM for when the manager returns. In the end, the museum manager is revealed to be a brown wolf in disguise, scaring away Tom and forcing him to resign the job.
  • Go with the Floe: 37th appearances of Droopy and Dripple.
  • Pooches in Peril: 38th appearances of Droopy and Dripple.
November 1, 1992
  • Catch as Cat Can: Tom and Jerry are chased by a game hunter on an island after floating in a hot-air balloon from a circus.
  • I Dream of Cheezy: Tom goes to Sergeant Boffo's ferocious feline mouse-bashing school to toughen up his attitude for catching mice. Meanwhile, Jerry finds a mysterious bottle in the dump and releases a mouse genie named Cheezy and befriends him. When Tom attempts to catch or attack Jerry, Cheezy prevents Tom from doing so. This is similar to I Dream of Jeannie.
  • Fraidy Cat: A cat named Tim (voiced by Dana Hill) arrives at the front door, and Tom welcomes him in. Tim tells Tom (whom he refers to as a "twin brother" due to their similar appearances) his memories of when he was a timid cat, and states he is not anymore. During Tim's stay, he turns out to be still frightened of mice and pilfers food from the refrigerator. Tom finally evicts Tim by disguising himself as a gigantic robot mouse by tricking him into believing Jerry has actually turned into a monster, and then scares Jerry away. Trivia: These were the only 3 episodes with the Tom & Jerry Kids.
November 7, 1992
  • Sing Along with Slowpoke: Jerry's cousin, Slowpoke Antonio visits him again and his terrible singing drives Tom bonkers.
  • Dakota Droopy & the Great Train Robbery: Dakota Droopy and Dripple are on a mission to guard a train from Gold Wolf which is carrying a billion dollars in gold bullion.
  • Droopy Law: Judge Droopy holds McWolf and Dripple in court over McWolf taking cookies from Dripple to deliver to his grandmother.
November 8, 1992
  • Stunt Cat: Movie stunt cat Tom stars in a movie called "Dancing with Dingbats" a take-off on Dances with Wolves, alongside Kevin Castner, a take-off on Kevin Costner and Wildmouse.
  • See No Evil: Jerry uses invisible ink to mess with Tom, and soon, Tom does the same to get back at Jerry.
  • This Is No Picnic: Spike and Tyke have a picnic, but an army of ants gets in on their father/son outing.
November 14, 1992
  • Scrapheap Symphony: The Tom and Jerry Kids cast play "The William Tell Overture" with McWolf as the conductor.
  • Circus Cat: While chasing Jerry around at a circus, Tom runs into a lion. The lion befriends and protects Jerry from Tom.
  • Cajun Gumbo: Swampy the Fox escapes a circus train and comes back to the swamp to locate a treasure, but Sheriff Potgut (with the Gator Brothers) wants the treasure as well.
November 15, 1992
  • Hunter Pierre: A wealthy animal collector wants Hunter Pierre to go after and hunt Wildmouse in a ghost town.
  • Battered Up: Molasses Droopy and Thunderbolt McWolf are baseball players with Miss Vavoom as umpire and Dripple as pitcher.
  • Conquest of the Planet Irwin: In the year 2500 A.D., Commandeer Droopy, Lieutenant Dripple and crew member Rocket-Breath McWolf crash-lands on planet "Irwin" and Queen Vavoom tells them to get a rare, zupp creature.
November 21, 1992
  • Big Top Droopy: Droopy and Dripple are new star attractions at a circus, but Bromo the Fearless Bear attempts to outperform them.
  • Jerry & the Beanstalk: Tom and Jerry go up a beanstalk and has to escape a giant with a golden egg.
  • High Speed Hounds: Droopy and McWolf race against each other in a footrace in The Big Apple marathon. The winner will have a dinner date with Miss High-Rise Vavoom.
November 22, 1992
  • Penthouse Mouse: Calaboose Cal and Tom are hired by a penthouse owner to get rid of Jerry.
  • Twelve Angry Sheep: The title is a pun of Twelve Angry Men. Judge Droopy holds a case against Scoundrel McWolf who is accused of taking sheep from loyal sheepdog Dripple and Little Miss Bo Peep Vavoom.
  • The Ant Attack: A woman bakes a cake for Tom and celebrates his 7th birthday. Meanwhile, an army of red ants crash Tom's birthday celebration and cut the cake into various pieces. In the end, the ants finally give him the pieces of the cake and carry the letters and sing "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow", and Tom finally enjoys his cake. The seven candles on the cake confirm that Tom is revealed to be around 6–7 years old in the cartoon show.
November 28, 1992
  • Mouse with a Message: In the WWI Era, The Currier (Jerry) is sent by a general to deliver a letter to H.Q., but Thomas Von Klobberhafen (who is, in fact, Tom) is determined to acquire the letter.
  • It's the Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Dr. McWolf: Mad scientist Dr. McWolf tries to make himself handsome after he sees a commercial of Dr. Droopy's that has a product just as good in the instant beauty market.
  • Wild World of Bowling: Wildmouse escapes from a museum truck from a safe and enters an urban bowling alley, where Tom is working at.
November 29, 1992
  • Star Wrek: Tom and Jerry star in a spoof of Star Trek.
  • Droop & Deliver: In Colonial times, Droopy and Dripple are on a hazardous mission to drive an armored coach full of The King's currency to dangeorus country. In their path, they encounter The Ungentlemanly Bandit: Uncouth McWolf.
  • Swallow the Swallow: Hungry cats Kyle and Clyde attempt to get Bernie Bird at a farm.
December 5, 1992
  • Lightning Bolt-The Super Squirrel-Strikes Again: When Tom is playing tennis using Jerry as a tennis ball, Lightning bolt seeks Tom playing tennis and starts to get serious on him. Soon, Fido starts chasing Tom.
  • Surely You Joust: A unemployed Droopy and Dripple looks for a job. The King hires them to go out and slay Dwayne The Dragon (voiced by Jim Cummings) who's causing problems.
  • Rootin' Tootin' Slowpoke: Slowpoke Antonio goes to "Gower Gulch" and has a showdown with Flashipus, a desperado cat.
December 6, 1992
  • Firehouse Mouse: A firehouse dog wants to be a firefighter with the help of Tom and Jerry.
  • The Wrath of Dark Wolf: While taking a day off, Galactic cosmic heroes Captain Droopy and Junior Captain Dripple finds out that Dark Wolf is planning to take over their planet and builds his own empire.
  • Pound Hound: Kyle absconds a hot dog and (unknowingly) enters a dog pound truck, and is cuffed to a dog named Bazooka. Therefore, he and Bazooka try to escape the law.
December 12, 1992
  • The Ghost of Castle McLochjaw: On a dark and stormy night, Tom and Jerry winds up in a castle where they encounter a ghost dog.
  • A Thousand Clones: In 2029 A.D. in Los Angeles, Detectives Droopy and Dripple helps Dr. Vavoom (who is blue and has a different hairstyle) with Dr. Dupo McWolf who has taken her duplicate machine and duplicates himself.
  • Roughing It: The three Mouse Scouts have plans to rough it with their leader, and he teaches them a lesson to make men out of them.
December 13, 1992

Season 4 (1993)

# Plot Airdates
  • As the Cheese Turns: Tom is watching his favorite daytime soap opera Nine Lives to Live in which it's alike the daytime soap opera One Life to Live on ABC and Jerry turns to his favorite As the Cheese Turns in which it's similar to the daytime soap opera As the World Turns on CBS.
  • McWerewolf of London: McWerewolf(McWolf)is going around London causing havoc and Inspector Droople and Sergeant Dripple are on the case about him.
  • Grab That Bird: Castaways Kyle and Clyde are desperate for food and they land on an island and comes across Bernie Bird.
September 11, 1993
2 September 18, 1993
  • Alien Mouse: Wildmouse is swallowing up the spaceship so the ship's Captain entrusts Tom to get rid of him.
  • Droopy Man: In a city of darkness, Millionaires/Superheroes Droopy Man and Dripple Boy teams up with Cheetah Vavoom to bust up a greedy pig stealing goodies of food around the city.
  • Abusement Park: Blast-off Buzzard and his gang of buzzards goes after Crazy Legs Snake and they ride to an amusement park where Crazy Legs happens to be there, fooling with them.
September 25, 1993
  • Martian Mouse: Martian Mouse crash-lands on Earth and meets Jerry. While he makes a call back to his planet, Jerry flies around in his spaceship, and Tom accidentally swallows it.
  • Dark Wolf Strikes Back: After they capture Dark Wolf and teleport him to Planet "Hoodnik," Captain Droopy and Junior Captain Dripple are sent out to get a priceless, sparkling, energy ball, yet Dark Wolf wants to get in on the action, too.
  • Knockout Pig: A boxing pig escapes the barn when he thinks he's going to be shipped of to a meat market and heads to the suburbs where he meets Jerry, and every time he hears bells, he hits Tom.
October 2, 1993
  • Musketeer Jr.: Musketeer Jerry shows Tuffy how to be a musketeer and has sword fights with musketeer Tom in the process.
  • Galaxy Droopy: The third episode about Dark Wolf. He's at it again, this time with the universe conquering and he uses a Super Sucksaforsarurus to inhale the universe and it's up to Droopy and Dripple to stop him.
  • Return of the Ants: Spike and Tyke go out on the beach for fun. When it appears that their basket of food is left behind, the red ants from The Ant Attack arrive and locate the basket of food until Spike and Tyke attempt to hide it in another section. Despite Spike and Tyke's attempts, the ants are still able to reach the basket, and Spike and Tyke continue to hide it in another place, and the ants continue to reach the basket wherever it gets hidden. In the end, Spike and Tyke lose the basket and the ants take claim of the basket over the two dogs.
October 9, 1993
  • Droopyman Returns: Droopy Man and Dripple Boy are back again-this time to go after Dr. Reginald Riff Rat (guest voice Mark Hamill) who plans to turn the city into rats just like him and has kidnap Cheetah Vavoom.
  • Tom Thumped: The police go out in search of Wildmouse and try to arrest him for chewing up on stuff. Meanwhile, Tom meets a white tabby next door, and first believes she could become his lover, until then he learns that she is more interested in a mouse like Jerry, which she often refers to "Fuzzy Wuzzy". Despite the polices' attempts to arrest Wildmouse, Jerry manages to get Wildmouse to board onto a ship and waves goodbye. Later, Tom brings Jerry to the tabby, and the tabby then cuddles Jerry, and then the tabby and Jerry both go out in the limousine, leaving Tom behind and then a steamroller runs over Tom, causing all his fur to be shaved off, except on his face.
  • Droopnet: A spoof of Dragnet. On Friday night in the city, Detectives Droopnet and rookie Dripple are after a mad car thief called Dr. Scofflaw.
October 16, 1993
  • Right-Brother Droopy: A spoof of The Wright Brothers where Droopy and Dripple are the Right Brothers without the W (like Dripple says, they are father and son portraying The Wright Brothers which makes no sense, but it's historical) compete in a contest when Reporter Miss Scoops Vavoom comes by for them to be in a contest and win $20,000 dollars. Flip Flop McWolf (who is also a paperboy) wants in as well to fly against them in the contest.
  • Cheap Skates: Jerry mail-orders roller skates to mess with Tom, but Tom buys the same skates and has trouble trying to skate.
  • Hollywood Droopy: Out in Hollywood, washed-up producer Flops McWolf sees Droopy and Dripple and they star in a new movie of his. They sign a contract (which is really an accident insurance policy) naming him benefactor so he can receive all the money if they have accidents, but all the accidents he tries to do to them, only happens to him.
October 23, 1993
  • Fallen Archers: In medieval times, Droopy and Dripple compete in a Father/Son archery contest with McWolf and his son Stinky.
  • When Knights Were Cold: Since the knights are too cowardly to face the fire-breathing Wildmouse, Tom is sent to deal with the fire-breathing fiend. Guest Voice: Tony Jay.
  • The Mouth Is Quicker Than the Eye: Calaboose Cal becomes a magician for a bratty child's birthday party.
October 30, 1993
  • Mutton for Punishment: In the settling of the old west, Sheepherders Droopy and Dripple protects a sheep from cattle barren Sidewinder McWolf and his henchman, Cowboy Irwin with the help of bad guys.
  • Cat Counselor Cal: Calaboose Cal shows Tom a few modern ways with his inventions to capture Jerry.
  • Termite Terminator: Pest exterminator Calaboose Cal is hired by a wealthy lady to get rid of a pesky termite in her home.
November 6, 1993
  • Bride of McWolfenstein: Droopy and Dripple's car breaks down in front of a castle. Inside the castle, mad scientist McWolfenstein is creating a bride for himself, but when she spots Droopy coming, she falls madly in love with him and takes off with him to an amusement park, but McWolfenstein follows them there and feels sad since he thinks nobody cares for him, but he is wrong about that when four beautiful women come and carry him off. Dripple takes the bride off to ride on bumper cars as Droopy says, "Now there goes a chip off the old poodle" to close the episode.
  • Hillbilly Hootenanny: Tom's hillbilly cousins unexpectedly drop in for a visit and they attempt to help him get Jerry.
  • El Smoocho: When Droopy and Dripple are driving a coach full of gold and Miss Vavoom to Dodge City, they cross paths with El Smoocho(McWolf) who attempts to take Miss Vavoom and the gold off with him.
November 13, 1993
  • Droopy Hockey: Slap-shot Droopy and Ice-pick McWolf play hockey. Miss Vavoom is the ice queen and Dripple is the hockey referee.
  • Hawkeye Tom: Jerry has to deal with Tom and a hawkeye bird both pursuing him.
  • No Tom Like The Present: After an anvil drops on Tom, an angel cat tells him that he is on his 8th live, so he has one more chance to stay alive and tries to avoid any injuries.
November 20, 1993
  • Dirty Droopy: Public enemy 123456 and 7 Mangler McWolf get Detective Dirty Droopy fired when he says that Droopy tortured him and says that he innocent. Mangler McWolf plans to go on a crime scene, but Detective Droopy follows him everywhere. In the end when McWolf is in prison, it turns out Droopy has some doubles that has been appearing with McWolf. Dripple has a small part in this cartoon.
  • Two Stepping Tom: An elephant named Tundo (voiced by Jim Cummings) is performing in a concert on the stage at Sheboygan Records, Inc., but gets frightened and jumps to the ceiling every time Jerry appears. Meanwhile, Tom arrives at studio manager Mr. Sheboygan's office and is requested to get rid of Jerry and make Tundo's concert more enjoyable. However, Tundo's concert gets spoiled by Tom and Jerry's chasing, and when Tundo aims for Jerry to land on, Jerry escapes causing Tundo to land on Tom instead. After the concert, Mr. Sheboygan gives the dollar bills to Tom, then Jerry teases Tundo, then Tundo jumps up in the air and lands on Tom, and Jerry takes the bills out of Tom's hand and walks off with them.
  • Disc Temper: The watchdog from Flippin' Fido has a job on the beach and the lifeguard tells him no pets are allowed on the beach and has to keep Tom and Jerry off. Tom again distracts the dog with frisbees.
November 27, 1993
  • Order in Volleyball Court: It is the Volleyball Championship between challengers Droopy and Dripple against McWolf and his son, Stinky. In addition, the winner will receive $100,000 and a date with Volley Vavoom. 66th and final appearances of Droopy and Dripple.
  • King Wildmouse: – 10th Wonder of the World: Tom and a hunter (voiced by Jim Cummings) go to Mouse-co Island to locate Wildmouse, but the hunter is too lazy to get it himself. Wildmouse is caught, but after the hunter refused to share the Credit with him, Tom frees Wildmouse and takes him back home.
  • Space Chase: Tom and Jerry are selected to go into a space shuttle and a scientist is testing to see if they can live in harmony in outer space, but it fails. Series Finale
December 4, 1993