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This is a list with all the Internet Memes involving Tom and Jerry and the episodes where these memes come from. The memes are usually made as substitutes for SpongeBob's memes.

Hanna-Barbera/MGM Era

The Night Before Christmas

  • The scene where Tom crosses his arms in refusal to give Jerry a kiss when holding a mistletoe is a meme in social media.

Puss n' Toots

  • The censored scene where Tom pretends to be Chinese became a trending meme under the name of Tom Ching Cheng Hanji.

Sufferin' Cats!

  • The scene where Tom shrugs while playing dumb on Meathead Cat became a popular meme.

The Zoot Cat

  • Zoot Suit Cat is, alongside Zoot Suit Daffy Duck, a meme that is associated with the anime and manga franchise Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, with Tom being called One More Time and Daffy being called Literally Me.

The Bodyguard

  • This episode became a meme thanks to a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable parody using Tom and Jerry characters, with Tom being Kira Yoshikage, Jerry as Koichi Hirose and Spike Bulldog as Jotaro Kujo.

Mouse Trouble

  • The scene where Tom is laughing noisily to catch Jerry's attention is used to make fun of mostly dumb and pointless arguments/articles/stuff.
  • The scene where Tom uses a shotgun into Jerry's mousehole and the gun bends outwards pointing straight his head is also a meme, mostly used to refer a situation where something is backfired at the person/thing that started it.

Quiet Please!

  • The scene where Tom reads Jerry's "last will" and the following reaction "One custard pie?! Let me have it!" is used as an allusion to someone's hopes and dreams being shattered, and one video even had the pie exploding (Aka SpongeBob Dying for Pie) and destroying the city.

The Milky Waif

  • One of the frames of Jerry turning around after seeing Tom's milk plate has become a well-known Internet meme in Latin America named "Khe berga?", which is a misspelled Spanish swear expression akin to "What the ****?".
    • Surprisingly enough, there are plushies of Jerry based on this meme

Kitty Foiled

  • Tom's face when riding the toy train seconds prior to crash in the basement is also used for backfiring moments.
    • This meme is also used in a crossover with Harry Potter where Harry and Ron screams inside a car while seeing Tom approaching them.

Polka-Dot Puss

  • The scene where Tom points a now-sick Jerry with his sword is also an internet meme.
  • Also the final scene where both Tom and Jerry are in quarantine by Mammy-Two-Shoes was one of the many memes associated with the 2019 COVID-19 disease and its quarantine.

Heavenly Puss

  • The Devil Dog punishing Tom is also a meme.

Jerry and the Lion

  • The scene where Tom closes the door on the closet and gives an evil laugh whilst slipping inside it is one of the popular memes of this franchise, this can be used when someone sneaks into a forbidden place despite being warned not to do so.

Cue Ball Cat

  • The scene where Tom's face become small due to the the 8 ball bouncing back into his face is also a meme.

Jerry's Cousin

  • The scene where Tom is calling a group of feline thugs is mostly used when someone is calling an authority to stop anything bad, most likely calling the police to stop the neighbor's loud noise or the FBI to arrest a Lolicon (anime description of a pedophile).
  • Tom's scene pointing Muscle Mouse's direction to the feline thugs when they arrived is also a meme.
    • In an extend manner, the thugs being quickly immobilized and tossed from the house is also used for internet memes.
  • The whole moments of Tom trying to get rid of Muscle Mouse was made as a parody of Jotaro and Dio's fight in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.

His Mouse Friday

  • Tom cooking himself in the pot as part of Jerry's prank was one of the memes used for Genshin Impact's character Paimon, who is commonly called Emergency Food by the fandom.
    • As well, the scene of Jerry dancing was used for Amber's doll: Baron Bunny's dancing meme.

Slicked-up Pup

  • The scene where Tom accidentally end up spilled Tyke with ink was one of the many memes from Five Nights at Freddy's 2's song It's Been So Long, where one of the lyrics: The Man Behind the Slaughter (obviously referring to William Afton aka Purple Guy) is used when someone turns purple.

Fit To Be Tied

  • Cheese-shaped Jerry is another meme.

Jerry and Jumbo

  • The scene where Jerry appears with Jumbo and his mother covered in paint to mimic Jerry's fur and nose color and Tom's shotgun dropping down like limp spaghetti followed by his insane nervous laugh is also a meme.

Downhearted Duckling

  • The scene where Quacker looks at his reflection and says "Nobody loves me" is also a meme.
  • The scene where Tom smiles at Quacker in a pie is used as a meme, and also when Tom is ready to eat the pie with Quacker is also a meme similar to the One Custard Pie meme from the 1945 short, "Quiet Please!".
  • Tom's horrified face when he sees Quacker's appearance (from Jerry's make-over) is another meme.

Pet Peeve

  • Tom and Spike swordfighting near the end of the episode is used as a meme along with either Jerry's face from The Milky Waif or his smug face from The Brothers Carry-Mouse-Off.

Touché, Pussy Cat!

  • The scene where the French Tuffy draws a picture of Tom and him realizing that Tom was glaring at him and painting a pince-nez on Tom's face is also a meme.

Designs on Jerry

  • The scene where Tom is flattened by the safe and appears in a cube-shapped form is also a meme, rarely names Big Cubus (akin to Big Chungus, but instead of being fat, is cube-shapped).
    • That scene was also used on Twitter with Smash Ultimate's characters Steve (Minecraft) and Kirby, where Kirby end up being cube-shapped.

Down Beat Bear

  • The scene where Tom watch annoyed the radio when reading the newspaper is one of the most popular memes.

Blue Cat Blues

  • The depressed Tom and Jerry waiting for their deaths are also used as a meme, but however it's more commonly used for sad videos.

Mucho Mouse

  • One of the frames of Tom reading an Spanish dictionary is odd and funny, however, that doesn't stop it for being used as a meme, over all for Ara Ara memes and being used alongside Jerry's odd and funny expression from The Milky Waif.

The Vanishing Duck

  • The scene where Tom tests the vanishing cream on his arm resulting a devious smile is also a meme.

Gene Deitch Era

Chuck Jones Era

The Cat Above and The Mouse Below

  • Tom's confident expression and elegant suit are used for formal expressions in a similar fashion to Winnie the Pooh's meme when using the Annoyed Tom meme from Down Beat Bear.

Is There a Doctor in the Mouse?

  • The scene where Tom sees a mega-Jerry sadistically raising his eyebrows and waving at him followed by Tom laughing at Jerry's size and then crying in agony is also a meme.

The Brothers Carry-Mouse-Off

  • When Jerry turns around to use the radar system, one of the frames was used as a meme, this is because of his smug face.

Of Feline Bondage

  • One of the frames from Tom's laughing scene is used for perverted laughs.

The Year of the Mouse

  • The scene where Jerry makes fun of Tom's first predicament is a meme in Latin-America called "Es Fake" (spanish for It's Fake).
  • The scene where Tom turns his head on the noose is used to make fun of the people who posts "if you don't give Like to this post i will commit die" or similar.
  • Also, that episode can be a source for memes based on the Indie video game Doki Doki Literature Club.

Love Me, Love My Mouse

  • The scene where Tom makes a werid smile while shrugging his shoulders after Jerry tickled his feet to get inside is used as a meme too.

Cat and Dupli-cat

  • The scene where Tom crosses his arms with a serious expression is a popular gif.

Tom and Jerry Tales

Invasion of the Body Slammers

  • The Body Slammer's smile when mimicking Jerry's body is also a meme.

The Tom and Jerry Show (2014)

Tom and Jerry Special Shorts

Tom and Jerry in New York


Tom and Jerry: The Movie

  • We've Got to Have... Money is a line quoted by Lickboot. It has become a Meme. It is similar to SpongeBob's "Hello, i like Money" meme.






  • Just like the original scene, the "Ching Cheng Hanji" meme is sometimes censored in China for being Stereotypical to Asians
  • In MultiVersus, the Shrugging and Crossed Arms memes of Tom appears as part of Tom and Jerry's animations, specially when Tom is alone in the battlefield when the enemy kills Jerry, the shrugging one appears as Tom's standalone taunt while the crossed arms one appears as Tom's standalone idle animation.