This is a list of episodes in the short-lived series Tom and Jerry Tales. Overall, there were 26 episodes (78 segments).

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 13 September 23, 2006 May 5, 2007
2 13 September 22, 2007 March 22, 2008

Episode List

Season 1: 2006-2007




1 Tiger Cat Tom and Jerry are pursuing each other in a zoo. During the chase, Tom accidentally destroys the painting of an art-loving monkey. This leads to the monkey becoming quite angry, but his temper cools after he makes Tom look like a tiger by dipping him in orange paint and adding black stripes on with his paintbrush. All of the other characters in the episode, save for the monkey himself, see Tom and develop the concept that he is a real tiger.
Feeding Time Tom is working at a zoo run by Spike, who tells Tom not to feed the zoo animals or he will be fired from his job. Jerry then starts to frame Tom for feeding them so he will get into trouble.
Polar Peril Tom and Butch plot ways to catch Jerry and eat him. Nevertheless, Jerry has earned the friendship of a large polar bear, who will do anything to protect his friend. These episodes are preceded by The Karate Guard.
2 Joy Riding Jokers After another chase, Tom and Jerry accidentally go through valet clothing and stop in front of a hotel after making a limousine stop by. Spike and a female cat come out and mistake the two for the hotel's valets. Spike hands Tom his keys and tells him and Jerry to park their car under one condition: do not press the red button. Unfortunately, Tom presses it. Toodles Galore made a cameo appearance in this episode.
Cat Got Your Luggage? Tom chases Jerry yet again and they both end up in a large fancy hotel lobby. While chasing him, Tom accidentally breaks many items in one of the rooms and the hotel's manager, Spike notices this. The dog angrily raises his voice at Tom, who now is begging at his feet to show mercy. Spike tells Tom to be a worker for the hotel, and if he hears any complaints or problems, Tom will be sent to the Kitty Pound, or in Tom's opinion, jail. Jerry decides that this is the perfect opportunity to get Tom into trouble.
City Dump Chumps Tom chases Jerry all the way to a garbage dump, which happens to be the current home of Butch the cat. Both cats fight over the mouse, and in the end, Jerry outsmarts both of them.
3 Way-Off Broadway In an effort for food, Tom runs to a man selling hot dogs, but accidentally steps on a slip of paper that he kicks off and the man finds. Happily, the hotdog man finds out the paper was a winning lottery ticket and gives Tom his job because of his newly-won money. The cat finds that there is only one hotdog left that he takes out to eat, but Spike pulls it right before Tom is able to take one bite, and flips him a quarter. Spike and Tom then see Jerry who is playing the bongos, which gives him a lot of money. In anger and jealously, Tom plays instruments as well, causing Jerry to lose all of his money, which gets sent to Tom. This makes both characters play music to get the others money.
Egg Beats Jerry is relaxing by playing the music until lots of noises are heard. This makes Jerry go away to Tom's farm where he is gone hungry. Jerry returns and plays the radio. Meanwhile, the chicken proceeds eggs while music is on. Then, Tom was tired of lots of eggs and runs away in a safe place.
Cry Uncle Tom and Jerry are resting at home, when at 1:00 in the morning, Jerry's Uncle Pecos comes and keeps them up all night with his guitar playing.
4 Bats What I Like About the South Tom chases Jerry in the graveyard and into a Southern manor. With the help of a bat that looks likes him, Jerry scares Tom.
Fraidy Cat Scat Jerry lives in a dusty haunted mansion in this episode. Tom moves in and cleans everything up, not noticing Jerry lives in his new estate as well. Tom turns his TV on and switches the channel to one that has a flaming skull currently on-screen. Jerry turns his head and finds a skull that looks remarkably like it, so he decides to scare Tom out of his house. Eventually, they both get scared by a ghost-like figure living in the mansion.
Tomb It May Concern Jerry discovers the secret tomb of an ancient Egyptian cat (known as King Rameses III of Apepee). Tom follows Jerry and discovers it as well, but while searching for him, Jerry hides in a mummy's coffin, which Tom opens. This angers the mummy inside, who chases the two. Then the tomb breaks into pieces after they open a brick and Jerry is congratulated for excavating the lost treasure.
5 Din-O-Sores Tom and Jerry are the victims of a shipwreck and are washed up on a deserted island where they both find dinosaur eggs from which hatchlings grow pretty quickly into adults.
Freaky Tiki Tom and Jerry relax in Hawaii which is home to an active volcano. The volcano soon places Tom and Jerry under mind-control, causing them to go into the volcano where they meet PELE – the Goddess of Flame. The Goddess of Flame soon chases the two out of the volcano and near a cliff, and Tom and Jerry are about to fall into the river, but Jerry saves himself and Tom by scaring her. 
Prehisterics In prehistoric times, Tom and Jerry's ancestors outwit each other. 
6 Digital Dilemma Tom returns from a garbage dump with things he found at the dump. He uses these things to make a computer and uses Jerry as the mouse. While making the computer, Tom breaks a part of the roof to make the computer taller and at the top of the computer there is a clothes hanger. The clothes hanger is struck by lightning. This causes the two to enter the digital world. Tom and Jerry soon meet their own digital versions, which look exactly like them and the two also discover that whenever the two touch their digital holograms versions more holograms are created. Tom and Jerry soon have an adventure with their digital versions. 
Hi, Robot Tom and Jerry live in the house of a young boy. After destroying the young boy's robotic mouse toy, Tom makes a robotic girl mouse in order to catch Jerry. However, Tom does not realize the side effect: Jerry falling in love with her. 
Tomcat Jetpack Tom, Jerry, and Spike are chasing each other in a neighborhood, tearing everything in their path apart. A mysterious truck passes by outside on the street, hitting a bump and dropping a wrapped package out the back. It appears to be an ordinary and somewhat silly-looking vest, and Spike encourages Tom to put it on. When he does, he is surprised when it turns into a Rocketeer-esque flying suit. Tom has fun flying about, doing things like skywriting rude caricatures of Spike and Jerry, teasing a bird nesting on the roof, and crashing a barbecue (Droopy makes a cameo appearance here as the barbecuer). After Jerry and Spike get fed up with his tricks, they scheme to take the airborne airhead down. 
7 Fire Breathing Tom Cat Oggy adopts a hen as a pet…One day, the hen lays a golden egg! Oggy is ecstatic and immediately goes and drops off the egg at the bank. Meanwhile, the cockroaches try to kidnap the hen... 
Medieval Menace A termite comes to visit her cousins, the cockroaches. They take her for a walk in the house and urge her to eat the cupboards and the fridge. Oggy, who cannot see the little insect, is lost: his furniture keeps disappearing right under his nose! 
The Itch In a castle surrounded by water, Jerry is seen holding a stack of cheese on a saucer, escaping from Tom dressed in knight armor who is mercilessly attempting to eliminate Jerry with a mace. Tom, tries to scour the castle to see where Jerry has hidden. Keeping his stance next to a replica of a knight, holding an axe, Jerry takes a tiny peek through the helmet. He then, back down when Tom finally discovers where Jerry was. With that, Tom pounds the living daylights out the deceived replica. Luckily, Jerry cowered underneath the shoes, makes his escape and ducks into a hole. Then, the king gives Tom a job: to slay the dragon that lives in the cave. However, when Tom arrives, Jerry has awakened the dragon. It swallows Tom, but he manages to steal the fire from the dragon. Tom scares the dragon out of the cave, and chases Jerry and swallows him. But later, Jerry steals the fire from Tom and returns it to the dragon, who then chases the cat. 
8 Ho, Ho Horrors When Mrs. Two-Shoes goes to bed on Christmas Eve, Tom lies in his basket and dreams of chasing after Jerry and eating him. Jerry, not liking this, enters the dream and turns it into a nightmare. The two wake up and find they've trashed the entire house in their sleep. Mrs. Two-Shoes, woken by the ruckus, is not happy. She tosses the pair into the cold. The narrator suggests that this is the time of year where enemies put aside their differences—though Jerry seems to have other ideas. The two continue chasing each other through the snow.
Doggone Hill Hog Tom and Jerry are chasing one another in the snow. Spike is sledding down a nearby hill, and accidentally crashes into them. He then does this repeatedly, thinking it is funny. He bullies the two relentlessly as he guffaws at their pain. Tom and Jerry soon get Spike back, but all three wind up with broken arms and legs. To show them no hard feelings, Spike gives the boys a Christmas present: a sled. But they chuck it into the fireplace
Northern Light Fish Fight In the Arctic wastes, Tom is a fisherman with nothing to show for it but a bunch of holes in the ice and a very cold worm. When Jerry has beginner's luck and catches a fat fish, Tom tries to steal it. After an extended battle, complete with orchestral accompaniment (Note that the lights are written as auroras), Jerry agrees to share his fish with the starving cat—but a polar bear gets to it first. Disgusted, the boys eat their forks.
9 Cat Nebula Jerry and Tuffy are in a space ship. Their mission is critical, due to loss of food supplies, specifically because of Tuffy's eating habits. Finally, Jerry manages to find some dehydrated energy capsules, but he swallows an entire year's worth and grows enormously overweight. Then a doctor, Droopy, comes to check on Jerry. Later, an alien space cat, obviously similar to the appearance of Tom, wants to eat Jerry, and they end up running around chasing each other on the ship. Finally, they are launched from the ship's torpedo and apparently killed by the resulting explosion, as they have become constellations in the sky with Tuffy saluting them. 
Martian Mice Tom and Jerry chase each other around on a farm. Tom pretends to be a chicken, but a UFO catches both Tom and Jerry, thinking that Tom is a chicken. The aliens in the UFO (giant alien mice, that is) need 2000 eggs for the queen's cake, and they already have 5 (actually 4, as Jerry is hiding in one of them). Thus, the aliens tell Tom to lay 1995 more eggs. He tries as hard as he can to lay those eggs, but Tom fails. The aliens try to put him in an extractor, and he runs away. They search the kitchen and are then confronted by the princess, who always reminds them of a 'cream puffs' incident the two servants got in trouble for. They make the cake anyway, unaware they had baked Tom and Jerry into it, and they deliver it to the queen. However, the queen discovers Tom and Jerry and demands her servants to "put it back and get a real chicken, OR ELSE!" The servants try to get a real chicken this time, but abduct a cow instead. Tom is about to chase Jerry again—but then inexplicably lays an egg without realizing. 
Spaced Out Cat While in the park, Tom sees Toodles Galore. Suddenly, Spike (dressed up in a repo-man mustache and tank tops) shows up on a motorcycle. He steals Tom's girlfriend. Tom (now upset) walks home (where Jerry is). He turns on the radio and finds out that there is a contest going on for Space Race to the moon and will win one and a half-billion dollars. Whoever can build a rocket and reach the moon first wins. Tom thinks he can get his girlfriend back by doing this. Jerry gets on board with Tom and the ship malfunctions. It crash lands on the moon. Tom puts up a flag and Jerry eats parts of the moon (thinking it is cheese). Spike runs over Tom's flag with his motorcycle and puts up his flag, but loses Toodles's affection due to his arrogance. Tom and Toodles kiss on the lip.
10 Octo Suave Tom and Jerry are in a fishing boat. Jerry has just become Tom's slave, and is working hard rowing the boat, while Tom relaxes. Tom orders Jerry to drop the anchor, and they both get ready to dive to spearfish. Tom tries to hit Jerry with the spear, but Jerry tries to escape by jumping into the ocean, and Tom chases him. Tom tries to hunt some seafood, including a pufferfish and a lobster. However, Jerry jumps onto a seahorse to stop him, by scaring the pufferfish (and it deflates rapidly). Tom attempts to catch the seahorse with a lasso made out of seaweed, but the seahorse is too strong for him and drags him along the seabed, hitting the coral and many seaweeds, which makes him look like a mermaid. Later, he encounters a very amorous octopus gentleman named Morizzio, who mistakes Tom for a lady. Morizzio wants to date Tom, and they end up getting lost in the sea. Later, at the end, Jerry meets a fish who loves him, and he flees. (NOTE: This cartoon is an update of the T&J segment from Dangerous When Wet.) 
Beach Bully Bingo It is summer and Jerry shows Tom a picture in his diary that shows them being friends and going to the beach. Thus, they agree and go to the beach (actually they went to an island beach), where they find two new girlfriends, but Butch and Spike arrive shortly afterwards. Tom and Jerry team up while Butch and Spike are the rivals. Tom controls Butch, and Jerry controls Spike. However, Butch and Spike are unaware that Tom and Jerry are trying to get them off the beach. Finally, both Butch and Spike are driven away from the beach, and Tom, Jerry, and their girlfriends, play happily there. (NOTE: look for references to "Muscle Beach Tom" here.) 
Treasure Map Scrap Tom and Jerry are on a raft sailing towards an island in search of treasure. Tom traps Jerry and decides to jump into the freezing water to retrieve the treasure. However, Jerry has earned the friendship of a baby dolphin that is able to save him and defeat Tom. Near the end of the episode, the mother dolphin appears and scares away Tom. They retrieve the chest back onto the raft, but Tom does not get any gold.
11 Destruction Junction Spike is put in charge of the rest of a building's construction while the crew are in the hospital after suffering an extreme case of splinters. Tom and Jerry are chasing each other and run into the construction yard. Spike catches Tom and offers him a job on the construction crew. Tom accepts. During the rest of the episode, Tom continuously chases Jerry, yet finishes the building. Spike is impressed until he realizes Jerry drew his face as part of the plan.
Battle of the Power Tools The boys are poor and living together in a run-down shack. However, their numbers come in, and they become rich overnight. They split their millions and each sets out to build a mansion across from each other. However, Tom is jealous of how well his furry friend is doing with his building project, to say nothing of being plagued by incompetent, lazy, surly union workmen. Trying to do the labor himself only exacerbates matters and drains his bank account. At the end, Jerry and Tom both have sumptuous homes, but Tom is broke, and his house falls away to reveal it is just a hollow shell around the shack from the opening of the picture, that too fell away to reveal Tom. 
Jackhammered Cat Tom chases Jerry throughout the city. Jerry finds a hole in the fence around the construction yard and goes through it. Tom climbs over the fence and sees that the workers are going to have some feast today (walnut cake, turkey, lettuce sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, peanut butter cake, and fruit). Tom tries to get the food, but is outsmarted by Jerry and scared away by Spike. 
12 Tin Cat of Tomorrow While chasing Jerry, Tom accidentally ruins the house and Jerry hides in his mousehole. Mrs. Two-Shoes yells at Tom and orders a robocat called the Verminator 7000. Tom gets booted out of the house. Verminator attacks Jerry and boots him out of the house as well. Tom and Jerry work together to destroy Verminator. They did it and Mrs. Two-Shoes brings Tom back to the house. Verminator falls into garbage and Tom and Jerry become rivals again. The episode is an updating of the classic Tom and Jerry film Push-Button Kitty (1952). 
Beefcake Tom Flabby, out-of-shape Tom cannot even chase Jerry anymore. He decides to enroll in a gym to get back his fighting physique. Jerry decides to tease him and gives him his own brand of exercise regime. At the end, Tom gains muscles and Jerry decides that they should train some more. However, due to Jerry's excessiveness, Tom uses him as a muscle pumper. 
Tomcat Superstar Tom is a famous, rich star, but he is bored. Ignoring his agent (who is a narrator)'s protests, he quits showbiz and retires to a farm. Then Jerry is shown to have made a video clip of the whole episode and premiered it. Next, as Jerry lounges by the pool where Tom used to sit at the beginning, Tom is now his slave. Jerry vanishes Tom with a thumbs-down, like Tom when he vanishes his three servants with the said thumbs-down, and then Jerry vanishes the camera as well. 
13 Piranha Be Loved Tom is trying to win the affection of Toodles Galore, but a piranha is making this hard on him.
Spook House Mouse Tom and Jerry's antics lead them into a closed-down haunted house attraction where they are faced with enchanted mirrors, a live roller coaster, and most important of all, ghosts. At the end, the duo are put to work in the freak show, due to turning white from their experience in the haunted house. 
Abracadumb Tom is a famous magician and Jerry lives in the theater he performs at in the rafters and does his own similar magic show. They engage in a magic duel. In the end, they both receive the applause with the Female cat

Season 2: 2007-2008

NOTE: Tom and Jerry, especially Tuffy, are given graphical makeovers in this season due to Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone directed some episodes.



14 More Powers to You Tom is the pet of a team of superheroes, the AmazingAcquaintances (a parody of Power Rangers), charged with guarding their power rings. However, when Jerry gets into the room where the rings are kept, he and Tom end up having a super-powered duel. To make matters worse, Doomdog (Spike), the Acquaintances' arch-enemy, breaks into the hideout unnoticed and wants all the rings for himself. Tom and Jerry have to work together—pooling their powers of fire and ice—to take the villain down. The heroes congratulate Tom on the capture of Doomdog, but Jerry—with the help of a growth-powered ring—reminds him not-so-gently that he didn't exactly do it alone.
Catch Me Though You Can't Tom is a lowly tab tech to a mad scientist who has invented a speed ray. Tom inadvertently chases Jerry into the path of the beam, giving him super speed guest stars Tom Kenny as the mad scientist. To catch a faster-than-ever mouse, Tom uses various speed-enhancing devices—a scooter and a large tire among them—but to no avail. Eventually, Tom flies by on a chair attached to a hot-air balloon with the speed ray mounted on it. He zaps Jerry, rendering him to his original speed, but he drifts too near some flagpoles that pop the balloon and sends him spiraling out of control. The speed ray falls near Spike, who uses it as a shooting-gallery prop, blasting Tom repeatedly. (Cameo by Quacker)
Power Tom Tom is having a dream about being a superhero, but he's woken up by Mrs. Two Shoes. After she leaves for shopping, Tom chases Jerry to the garden and they fall into a hole. They find a mysterious base and Tom is dressed in a superheroine outfit (Power Gal's suit). Tom and Jerry are sent outside to apprehend Butch, Topsy, and Lightning, who are presently engaged in a crime spree. The three cat burglars tease Tom for wearing a girl's outfit. Moments later, the real Power Gal appears and defeats the three cat burglars before leaving. Tom and Jerry return home and Mrs. Two Shoes arrives too. As she goes to her bedroom, her shoes turn pink; Tom and Jerry are surprised to find that Power Gal is actually Mrs. Two Shoes.
15 Zent Out of Shape Tom is a Buddhist monk who tries to achieve inner peace through silent meditation, a sand garden, and a bonsai tree. Jerry, however, repeatedly disturbs Tom's quest for serenity by playing a flute and drum loudly. Their fighting awakens a cranky Godzilla-type creature (with Spike's face) from the ocean depths. However, he loves Jerry's music, and wants to dance with Tom (who seems to be debating if this is preferable to being eaten) far into the night.
I Dream of Meanie (parody of Disney's Aladdin) In the ancient Middle East, Spike is a genie dog who lives in that magic lamp grants wishes.
Which Witch Tom is a servant to a witch who needs a mouse to complete her magic potion. However, Jerry escapes, which leads to a chase where they encounter another witch, who's feuding with the other. Each witch uses the cat and mouse to play pranks on the other, escalating to the point where Tom and Jerry decide to put a stop to it. Once the witches make peace, and they turn back into dogs which they resemble spike and it leads to a shocking revelation for the duo
16 Don't Bring Your Pet to School Day A girl (previously appeared in Baby Puss) brings Tom to class as her pet for show and tell. Tom must contend with both Jerry's antics and his seatmate, a lethargic rabbit, otherwise, he will be sent into the dog pound. Even though Tom gets into trouble with a frog, he wins the show and tell.
Cat Show Catastrophe Tom is entered into a cat show, which Jerry and Nibbles try to ruin his chances of winning as revenge for his mistreating them earlier. At first their attempts backfire, actually earning Tom the judges' favor and points. However, slipping him a depilatory soon causes Tom's hair to fall out and with a countdown to 1, he is disqualified. Jerry and Nibbles, disguised as adorable kittens, win the grand prize. Watch for a John Kricfalusi-esque close up of Tom's unusually hairy eyebrows, possibly a nod to the thick-browed Tom of the Chuck Jones era.
The Cat Whisperer with Casper Lombardo (parody of The Dog Whisperer) Mrs. Two-Shoes hires an effete cat trainer named Casper Lombardo attempts to teach an unruly Tom a few manners after the cat wrecks the tea party (thanks to Jerry), and succeeds to a point.
17 Adventures in Penguin Sitting Jerry befriends a penguin who has escaped from the zoo.
Cat of Prey Tom, who is hungry, seeks to catch and eat Jerry, who is the star of the show at a local ocean theme park along with an eagle, but he is thwarted by the eagle, a seal and an octopus.
Jungle Love Jerry makes friends with a baby rhinoceros and Tom has other problems when an amorous snake mistakes his tail for a lady snake.
18 Invasion of the Body Slammers A mysterious space ship lands on the garden next to Tom's, Jerry's and Mrs. Two Shoes' home. Jerry hears the crash and goes to check it out. A mysterious shape-shifting blob appears and becomes Jerry's double. Tom wakes up and tries to get the faux Jerry. Tom tries to wake up Mrs. Two Shoes, but she kicks him downstairs. Tom becomes scared. The alien now becomes Tom's double. Tom runs away to the space ship. Jerry joins Tom and both Tom and Jerry fly into outer space. Mrs. Two-Shoes angrily scolds "Tom", who grins creepily. The alien rather looks like a John K. design, particularly when smiling.
Monster Con Set in Transylvania, Van Helsing, the famous legendary monster hunter and his assistant, Tom, stop at a hotel, where a Monster Convention is taking place. While there, the cat uses some of Van Helsing's equipment to try to catch Jerry, but he catches a few ghosts instead. Later, Tom gets bitten by a werewolf (spike) and by the time he finally caught Jerry outside the hotel; he looks at the full moon which rises from behind and transforms into a werecat, which makes him a target for Van Helsing, who mistakes him for a werewolf cat and seeks to add him to his collection. 
Over the River and Boo the Woods Tom and Jerry get lost in a haunted forest where Butch, as a bat (with the same size as Tom), tells them that only one of them can escape. Butch uses this chance to escape, while Tom and Jerry try to outrun him to the exit. 
19 Xtreme Trouble Tom and Jerry resume their usual chases through extreme sports equipment – from skateboarding to roller-skating. 
A Life Less Guarded Tom competes against Droopy as a role for lifeguard at the local pool. (Guess starring a caricature of Tex Avery and a blonde-haired Red from Red Hot Riding Hood; here named Miss Shapely). 
Sasquashed Whilst on a camping trip, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy come across the legendary sasquatch – who happens to be a big-footed, short but friendly creature named Sheldon. 
20 Summer Squashing Mrs. Two Shoes assigns Tom to keep all the pests, which includes Jerry, out of the garden, but the job gets pretty complicated for the cat as Jerry has a number of lookalikes with him (they all wear different colored bandanas). 
League of Cats Butch recruits Tom into a secret organization called the League of Cats. 
Little Big Mouse During a brutal heat wave, while Tom and his owner, Mrs. Two Shoes, are relaxing by the refrigerator, Jerry takes all the food for a picnic which leaves the cat to take the rap for the thefts-and get expelled from the house. Tom manages to retaliate with the help of an ant. 
21 Bend It Like Thomas Tom's emphatic soccer-playing annoys Spike and Jerry. Look for a cameo from Eagle from "Flirty Birdy" and a homage to the classic leash gag from "Fit to Be Tied".
Endless Bummer Tom, Jerry, and Droopy compete in a surfing contest. 
Game Set Match Tennis champ Tom tries to teach Tyke the game, at his father's behest. However, he was tired and lots of disasters happened. When Tom uses a ball thrower, Jerry turns it to fast and the balls goes to Tom and he hits all. Until the last ball pops out, it hits Tyke's nose, causing him to cry and his father turns Tom into a tennis racket. Then, Jerry ties a racket in Tyke's tail and Tyke hits the ball and his father takes a last shot and he misses the ball. Spike's glad that his son has skills and turns Tom into a ball and they play all the time.
22 The Declaration of Independunce Tom loses the Declaration of Independence when he makes it into a paper airplane and must set out to retrieve it. 
Kitty Hawked A museum tour mouse (who is actually Jerry) discusses Jerry's part in the Wright brother's aerial experiments. 
24 Karat Kat Tom and Butch are claim jumpers in the 19th Century at a Sutter's Mill, Tom and Butch scheme to steal the gold from Jerry's claim, by digging a hole into the pond, which ends up becoming a geyser that leads them into a junkyard filled with spiky thorns, and trying to stop him once he collects the gold. But in the end, they are foiled by their own bad efforts which lead them to be tossed into jail by Sheriff Spike while Jerry becomes a very wealthy mouse.
23 Hockey Schtick On a cold winter day, Jerry decides to freeze the pond go ice skating. However, Tom wants to play hockey and attempts to engage the little mouse in a physical confrontation. 
Snow Brawl A truckload of spilled magic hats bring Tom and Jerry's army of snowcats and snowmice to life. The whole opening scene is likely an homage to Chuck Jones' "Bugs' Bonnets". The wizard's hats may be a nod to the Harry Potter franchise. 
Snow Mouse Tom and Jerry encounter a giant abominable snowmouse during a chase in a forest.
24 DJ Jerry The record store owner asks Tom to charge the store for the night. As his owner leaves, Tom has discovered Jerry is having a party under the store. After his efforts fail, Tom turns into a rat, but is caught and out of the party. The owner returns to see his store ruined and kicks Tom out, hiring Spike to guard the store. This is the first time Tom has had an African-American master since Mammy Two Shoes; his owner here is a Rastafarian. Guest stars Phil LaMarr as The record store owner.
Kitty Cat Blues The episode is an updating of the classic Tom and Jerry film The Zoot Cat (1944); it also has some elements of Solid Serenade (1946), with Tom wooing Toodles Galore by singing and accompanying himself on strings. Tom is drawn the way he looked in the films from that period, and the episodes featured the same girl cat (Sherkie), though modernized. Tom now sings to her with a guitar, and in 1950s style blues. He is more interested in pursuing Jerry than in Sherkie, however, and wrecks the house during the chase which leads him and Jerry to getting the boot in the end. 
Flamenco Fiasco A dance contest in Old Spain between the cat and mouse, and their female partners, proves heated and destructive. 
25 You're Lion During an African safari, Tom meets his fellow felines, the wild lions. Unfortunately for him, the lions wish to make a meal out of him and Jerry. (Note: The lion here designed based on the lion from Jerry and the Lion (1950) 
Kangadoofus In Australia, Jerry takes refuge from Tom by blending in with a kangaroo and her joeys. (the joeys all look almost identical to Jerry, except for the tails; a reminiscent to Hippety Hopper ). 
Monkey Chow Fed up with Jerry in the house, Tom and Mrs. Two Shoes decide to move to Malaysia. While they are touring the exotic monkey garden, Tom finds out that Jerry has followed and gets very angry. The real problems start when a monkey is accidentally let loose by Jerry because the monkey was very hungry (due to the sign saying nobody should feed the monkeys). 
26 Game of Mouse & Cat Thanks to a VR setup, Jerry plays a game in which Mrs. Two Shoes liked him and hated Tom. Butch makes a cameo, in his last (feline) appearance in the series. Tom is drawn in the same circa-fifties style as in "Kitty Cat Blues"
Babysitting Blues Jerry babysits Nibbles, while Tom watches his nephew, a kitten of Baby Huey proportions. 
Catfish Follies On a fishing jaunt, Catfish Butch becomes a catch for Tom and Jerry, but in the end, he is gobbled up by a pelican. Tom is chased away and about to be eaten by Dogfish Spike
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