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Little Runaway is a 1952 Tom and Jerry cartoon.





A baby seal cuts his way out of his cage while the circus owners are sleeping and makes his way to Tom and Jerry's house. Meanwhile, at the house Jerry is getting ready for a swim. He dives headdown into the pond and then he sees the seal. They quickly become friends and the seal tells him where he came from and asks for his help. Jerry is glad to help the seal and they shake hands while the seal happily says "Thanks!" He continues "Can you spare a fish?" Jerry takes a sleeping Tom's fish, but Tom wakes up before he can get away. Jerry then hides behind the fish, does a little dance with it, then waltzes away. Tom enjoyed this performance very well so he whistled for an encore. The dancing fish took a bow with finale music. But as Jerry does repeated bows he accidentally reveals himself behind the fish and takes a bow himself. Tom gives chase. Jerry tosses the fish into the pool, only to have Tom retrieve it but the seal eats it. Tom notices the fish is gone and Jerry laughs at him when he's about to run away, Tom grabs Jerry, but the seal picks up Tom with his nose and throws him into a birdbath. Just then, Tom overhears a radio news report detailing the seal's escape and the $10,000 reward (equal to $86,454 today) for his return. After several failed attempts at catching the baby seal, Tom cuts up a tire and covers himself in black rubber to disguise himself as an adult seal. The little seal and Jerry are playing catch and Tom joins the game. The little seal follows Tom's every move, and is just about to be captured by the cunning feline until a circus worker grabs Tom. The baby seal and Jerry saw Tom being seal-napped. Tom is brought to the circus, and is forced to play Yankee Doodle on the trumpet. Though annoyed at first, Tom receives thunderous applause and soon embraces the adoration. As a finale, a fish is thrown into his mouth.


On Cartoon Network and Boomerang in the United States the part where the birdbath land on Tom's head making him look Chinese is cut.