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"Love Me, Love My Zebra" is a episode of Tom & Jerry Kids.


Tyke hides a Zoo Zebra from his father, in hopes of finding it a home.


As Spike was watching TV, He sees a news report of a Zebra stolen from the Zoo as Spike wonders why. and since Spike still wouldn't approve of Tyke having a Pet, like a cat, ostrich, and everything else. as Tyke returns to His room, reluctantly telling the zebra from the zoo to go back, but the Zebra insisted on Tyke helping Him get a home. Spike feeling He was too hard on His son, comes to Him, as Tyke tries to hide the Zebra. Spike enters the room, and sees Tyke's Room in black and white stripes, and congratulates His son on a new career, incorrectly calling it "inferior" decorating. which Tyke decides to introduce the Zebra to His dad little by little.

later, in the living room, Tyke says He got a trophy for Spike, a Zebra's head mounted on a window, in disgust and surprise, Tyke explains that the zebra head's a fake. as Spike conversates with Tyke about His son's obsession with everything zebra, He sees a Zebra-striped couch-size pillow, which is the zebra. and when Spike jumps on Him, He becomes suspicious of the pillow's yelps, but Tyke responds that couches don't talk. and as Spike turns on the TV, The Zebra runs behind the couch as Spike lands on the pillowless couch.

As Spike sleeps on the couch, He starts to have Zebra dreams. which the Sheep jumping over the fence becoming zebras, Spike playing frisbee with His son with the zebra outjumping Spike, and seeing the Zebra sounding like Tyke and wearing baseball attire. Spike woke up, for a few seconds, and fell asleep as Tyke tries to get the Zebra on Skates out of the house. a knock on the door makes Tyke to hide the zebra, resulting a crash, and Spike waking up as Tyke tells His Dad that someone's at the door, which is a zoo worker looking for a zebra. as Spike explains His situation with Zebra room, Zebra couches, and Zebra dreams, the worker responds that Spike might be suffering from "Zebraitis". Spike to His confusion, sees a cardboard bus on His lawn, but a tree branch takes down the bus, exposing both Tyke and the Zebra both on skates. Tyke realizing that They lost their cardboard cover, grabs on to the Zebra's tail as He runs like crazy while the zoo worker in His truck goes after the zebra.

Arriving at the Scarborough Hill Racetrack, as a race began, Tyke with the Zebra enters as a last-minute entry. Spike sees it on TV, as the announcer fails to know the Zebra's Rider's name, Spike screams the the Rider is named Tyke. but as the city zoo truck enters the track, Spike cheers for Tyke watching the TV not to let the other horses box Him in. as the Zebra falters, Tyke tells Him to keep going, so He won't be caught by the zoo truck. with enough distance, Tyke with the Zebra wins the race by a stripe. with Tailspin Tessie in Second, and the Zoo Truck in Third. Spike wonders what Tyke won, and it's a cash prize of $25,000. back at home, We see that Tyke spent the prize money to buy the Zebra to Spike's disdain as the Zebra watches a safari Show on TV.