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March of Comics 154 - cover - 01.png

March of Comics #295 - Tom and Jerry - Nov 1966 (Western Publishing)


  1. Tom and Jerry - Tom Foolishness - 28 pages
  2. Tom and Jerry - (Tom is taking this pig to market) - 1 page puzzle
  3. Tom and Jerry - (On Which Side of the House Should Tom Plant His Tree?) - 1 page puzzle
  4. Tom and Jerry - (Why is a Pig in the House Like a House on Fire?) - 1 page puzzle
  5. Tom and Jerry - (If You Place The First Letter of Each of These Objects...) - 1 page puzzle


  • Covert art by Lynn Karp
  • Story art by Lynn Karp


  • Tom
  • Jerry
  • Tuffy
  • unnamed woman of the house
  • Droopy (puzzle only)
  • Barney Bear (puzzle only)
  • Flip (puzzle only)


Tom finds a book, "The Sacred Cats of the Orient" and lets the idea of living the pampered life go to his head. Trouble follows.