Not to be confused with Meathead Dog.

Meathead, also known as Frankie in Heavenly Puss, is a brown, mangy, generally dull-witted cat who first appeared in the Tom and Jerry 1943 short, Sufferin' Cats!, as Tom's rival. Meathead later reappeared in Baby Puss (in which he serves as one of three minor foes/a recurring villain) and additional shorts as one of Tom's alley cat buddies/foes.


Not much is known about Meathead's personality, thought he is more or less a mean, stubborn dim-witted alley cat. He is initially Tom's rival, but in comparison, he is less smart than Tom, and doesn't have a deep thinking like Thomas. He is also less smart than Butch, Lightning and Topsy as well.

Overall, he is the least smart cat among all the cats appeared in Tom and Jerry.


Meathead Cat has brown fur with white paws and wears a red toupee (which is sometimes the same color as the rest of his fur). He also has his tail tied in a bandage in his first two appearances. In Scat Cats, his final golden age appearance, Meathead is gray instead of brown.


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  • Meathead somewhat resembles Lightning, but the two are not the same and have appeared side-by-side in some cartoons.
  • Oddly, in Heavenly Puss, his name is “Frankie”. This can probably be explained by “Meathead” just being a nickname.


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