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"Medieval Menace" is the twentieth episode of Tom and Jerry Tales. It is directed by Douglas McCarthy, written by Robert Ramirez and storyboard by Norma Rivera Klingler.


Tom and Jerry's chase eventually leads them into a medieval castle where a young princess and an assortment of spells complicate things.


Tom was chasing Jerry around the forest, he tries to shoot Jerry with arrows, but then he strikes a bear right on the nose. The bear chases him and Tom hides in a log. The bear couldn't seem to find him and he went off. Jerry went to Tom and Tom started to chase Jerry. Jerry closed the bridge door and Tom tripped on a rock and he got out of the log and fell down into the water. A crocodile came up to him and tried to eat him, Tom jumped up high and went into the princess's room, the princess got mad at him and hits him with a book, Tom got away and fell down the stairs, he runs off to another room and saw some food, he ate some turkey, while he was eating, he saw Jerry eating a pie, Tom picks up Jerry and Jerry smashes a pie to Tom's face, Jerry used a noodle to make Tom trip, he fell and there was spaghetti and kabobs on his face. Jerry went off to another room and saw some magic, he picked up a magic want and turned an owl into a frog, Tom went looking for Jerry once again, he went to get a magic wand and turned Jerry into a rooster, Jerry turned Tom into a pig, then Tom turned Jerry into a cow, he turned Tom into an octopus, they both turned into different animals off screen. Jerry turned from a kangaroo into a big elephant, Jerry turned Tom from a shark to a small frog, the princess saw Tom and she didn't know it was him. She kissed him and found out it was Tom, she dropped Tom and called the guards, she tried to hit Tom, Tom got out of the castle and went into the water again. He was chased by the crocodile and ran as fast as he can. The princess told a story to her stuffed animals, but, wait a minute. There was an elephant drinking his tea! You've guessed right, It's Jerry as an elephant.





  • Crocodile


  • Tom's screams, voiced by William Hanna, was heard throughout the episode.




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