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Merlin Mouse is a character in Tom and Jerry Chuck Jones-era, He appears in Haunted Mouse.


Merlin is one of Jerry's cousin, the other being Muscles. However, their polars are complete opposite. Muscles is perceived to be more hard-lined, more prone to angry and easier to engage in fighting; Merlin, one hand, is calmer, more cautious, well-mannered and often avoid unnecessary clashes. Jerry has respect for both, but certainly he is more favorable to Merlin than Muscles.


Merlin is a magician mouse. That looks alike like his cousin Jerry, but with black hat, cape and yellow gloves.


He is a clever mouse that is a pro of being a magician.


  • He is the second cousin of Jerry first being Muscles.
  • He is a playable character in the chinese mobile game, currently having an beta for international servers Tom and Jerry: Chase.